A bit of Vampire poetry to start your week off right, Happy Monday!

The darkness inside my soul cries out, it is the thirst that seeks me out.

My conscience nags at me that this is a sin, still nothing but blood quenches the thirst within.

My hunger cries out like a wolf in the night and my senses are tingling with each victims fright.

Their heartbeats grow silent as each time they do I thank every victim for making me new.

Though my soul has been wagered for this cursed plight, I am quite content remaining a child of the night.

Author Lyn Gibson 2013

Happy Saturday Vampire nation!

 A “byte” from To be his Soulmate to kick your weekend off:


.  Adrian began to submit to sleep as her body sank into the bed.  The dream now crept back upon her, scenes of the two young lovers together near a stream in the mountains, a setting of many centuries ago flashed before her as photos in a slide show.  In the dream she was gazing into the young man’s eyes, so deeply that she could not see his face.  She spoke to him in words that had no sound, yet he seemed eager to absorb.  The young man brushed his hand across her cheek, her body flushed with his touch.  Then as every time before there is darkness, chaos, the pain of loss, flashes of angry faces and scenes from a cold dark place with stone walls. Some long hallway perhaps, with burning torches affixed on either side.  Nonetheless, a cold, dark and treacherous place that left her with an empty and final feeling, a feeling so intense that Adrian abruptly awoke in tears.


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Happy Wednesday Vampire Nation! For those of you that are new to my blog, here is a byte from a previous press release to spark your’ interest!

“Adrian is a modern day business woman from Southern Louisiana that was born with a sixth sense. She has had visions and dreams since she was a child. One recurring dream haunts her throughout her life as she is certain that the dream is comprised of remnants of a past life until one day, by fate she is face to face with the man from her dreams. Christian, stunned as he looks into the eyes of his prey, realizes that she is the reincarnation of his long lost mortal love Cassandra.
  Adrian, subconsciously knows but struggles to admit that her dreams have been validated. Not only is she left with the realization that she is Cassandra but that she is in love with Christian, a vampire.
  Adrian’s world as she knew it is about to be turned upside down as Christian reveals their past lives together and introduces her to the world as he knows it. The story follows Christian and Adrian in their romance as they struggle to gain the approval of the Vampire Parliament, adjust to a life together as both mortal and vampire and become involved in a bloody war to protect the vampire nation from rogue clans that seek to overthrow the political realm that has governed the Vampire nation for centuries.
  The story takes us from modern day Louisiana back to the 12th century and forward again with a sequel to be completed early fall of this year to take us into the future of the vampire nation.”
  As the author explains, her vampire offering stands head-and-shoulders above similar books already on the market.
  “This Vampire romance is unique as it blends the paranormal with legend while incorporating bits of documented world history,” says Gibson.
Continuing, “Aspiring to be the newest rave for Vampire enthusiasts everywhere, my book
incorporates a realistic human element as the story is told from Adrian’s point of view.”

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Mundane Monday?

Ah yes, Monday is Monday and always will be the evil end-all to a beautiful weekend!   But all in all a beautiful day; The sun is shining bright to bind the creatures of the night.  Bask in the light of the day, for when the sun sets,  evil will have its’ way! 


Stay tuned daywalkers. Lot’s of exciting news and tasty tidbits from the book “To be his Soulmate” coming your’ way!



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