Happy Saturday Vampire nation!

 A “byte” from To be his Soulmate to kick your weekend off:


.  Adrian began to submit to sleep as her body sank into the bed.  The dream now crept back upon her, scenes of the two young lovers together near a stream in the mountains, a setting of many centuries ago flashed before her as photos in a slide show.  In the dream she was gazing into the young man’s eyes, so deeply that she could not see his face.  She spoke to him in words that had no sound, yet he seemed eager to absorb.  The young man brushed his hand across her cheek, her body flushed with his touch.  Then as every time before there is darkness, chaos, the pain of loss, flashes of angry faces and scenes from a cold dark place with stone walls. Some long hallway perhaps, with burning torches affixed on either side.  Nonetheless, a cold, dark and treacherous place that left her with an empty and final feeling, a feeling so intense that Adrian abruptly awoke in tears.


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