Another New Orleans Vampire legend

The Carter brothers, John and Wayne, seemed normal in every aspect.  It was the 1930’s in New Orleans and the brothers made their living on the Mississippi river.  One day before returning home from work it is said that a young girl had escaped from their apartment in the French Quarters and ran to the authorities.  The girls’ wrist were both cut, not deeply enough for her to have bled to death but deep enough for her to have been fed upon.  The police rushed to the apartment to find four others tied to chairs with their wrists slit in a similar fashion, along with over one dozen dead bodies that had been drained of their blood.  The authorities patiently awaited for the brothers to return from work, when they did it took all eight of them to hold down and detain the brothers who were of average height and build.  Later when the brothers were finally executed for their crimes their bodies were laid to rest in a vaulted tomb.  Years later when the next Carter passed, the vault was opened to receive his body.  Upon opening the tomb it was reported that the bodies of John and Wayne were gone, no remains, no remnants, gone!

To this day, many sightings of the Carter brothers have been reported, even by the new owner of the apartment building where the Carter’s once called home.  The owner reported seeing the two men whispering on the third floor balcony, upon realizing that they had been spotted, the Carter brothers sprang from the balcony to the street below and disappeared into the night.

The New Orleans Vampire

New Orleans and surrounding areas have been home to the undead for centuries.  Perhaps the oldest and most famous, Jacques de Saint Germain, was one of the first.  Jacques, or who we all know today as Vampire Jack is often sighted near his old home on the corner of Ursuline and Royal in the French Quarter where he lived around 1909.  Jack is said to have walked the earth before Christ and has a left lengthy record of his existence since.  Having held company with many of the elite throughout history such as: Casanova, Madame de Pampadour, Voltaire, King Louis XV, Catherine the Great, Anton Mesmer and many more.  Voltaire, the 18th Century philosopher, described Saint-Germain as “a man who never dies, and who knows everything.”  His most recent publicized appearance was in 1983.  Using the name Richard Chanfray, Jacques confessed his true nature and then subsequently faked his own suicide, disappearing from the publics’ eye once more.  Though Count de Saint Germain is still known to roam the streets of the French Quarter, he is maintaining a much lower profile these days, unless you know where to look.

Beware the first full night of the new moon cycle……

May 11, 2013, The fist full night of the New Moon.  So what?!, right…….Um, ok, here’s what, a crash course in Vampire 101:  The new moon marks the beginning of the, you guessed it, renewal of the cycle of the moon.   Having been associated with Seasonal changes, tides and weather disturbances, man knows little of what effect the New Moon cycle has upon the Vampire therefore,  I will share some little known facts with you:

The Vampire is at his strongest during the full moon, everyone knows that!  But what is not known is that the Vampire’s strength renews with the cycle of the moon.   The new moon cycle offers extraordinary psychic ability boosts to the children of the night allowing them to feed upon their unsuspecting prey in more than the typical blood letting.  Vampires are quite capable of feeding on the human psyche, accomplishing one of two tasks, 1. being sustenance, that’s right, it’s not only the the thick red substance that flows within us all that can nourish the Vampire and   2. Once fed upon psychically by a Vampire, he/she will continue to draw energy from your’ psyche until there is no more to drain or a spell is cast to break the hold that the Vampire now holds on you.

So now with your new found wisdom, I caution you on your evening activities for the next few days, unless you are willing to submit yourself to your’ local clans, that will surely be out in full force for the next few evenings!

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My daily ponder……..

So, What is it that has fascinated us about the “Vampire” throughout the ages?  Is it their unbridled fierceness or their eternal beauty?  What about their powers or their unparalleled grace and “etiquette”?  Whether we proclaim our love for them or shamefully hide it within, the Vampire has held us captivated for centuries.  One of the oldest forms of documentation was discovered by an archeologist near Mesopotamia that was dated back to 4000 b.c., a spell written by a mother intent on protecting her child which had been afflicted by a vampire.  With many pieces of documented reports between, the first known “official” documentation was written in 1732 by the Regimental Field Surgeon to the Emporer.  So….for centuries the viscious side of the Vampire has been documented yet we bring the murderous fiend to film and our hearts are all aflutter!  Since the mysterious Bella Lugosi donned his black cape and eyeliner and performed his role as Dracula in 1931, we’ve been hooked!

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