What a fan-tastic day!

The most unusual and fantastic thing happened today…. I had a massive craving for a PJ’s Mocha Granita so I wheel in to the local PJ’s to find the line wrapped around the building.  Gripped tightly by the unrelenting craving, I park and go inside.  As I’m placing my order a girl walks up to me and asks; “Are you Lyn Gibson?”   I answered “I am.”  Which at that point the girl and her friend get absolutely giddy.  “Oh My God!  Will you sign my book?”  My heart nearly exploded, to see the excitement on the girls faces!  She had purchased a first edition of the book when I self published and had just gotten around to reading it.  She loved it and is excitedly awaiting my new DonnaInk Publishing launch date so that she can have a copy of each!  WOW! Crazy right!!


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