My daily ponder……..

So, What is it that has fascinated us about the “Vampire” throughout the ages?  Is it their unbridled fierceness or their eternal beauty?  What about their powers or their unparalleled grace and “etiquette”?  Whether we proclaim our love for them or shamefully hide it within, the Vampire has held us captivated for centuries.  One of the oldest forms of documentation was discovered by an archeologist near Mesopotamia that was dated back to 4000 b.c., a spell written by a mother intent on protecting her child which had been afflicted by a vampire.  With many pieces of documented reports between, the first known “official” documentation was written in 1732 by the Regimental Field Surgeon to the Emporer.  So….for centuries the viscious side of the Vampire has been documented yet we bring the murderous fiend to film and our hearts are all aflutter!  Since the mysterious Bella Lugosi donned his black cape and eyeliner and performed his role as Dracula in 1931, we’ve been hooked!


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