Beware the first full night of the new moon cycle……

May 11, 2013, The fist full night of the New Moon.  So what?!, right…….Um, ok, here’s what, a crash course in Vampire 101:  The new moon marks the beginning of the, you guessed it, renewal of the cycle of the moon.   Having been associated with Seasonal changes, tides and weather disturbances, man knows little of what effect the New Moon cycle has upon the Vampire therefore,  I will share some little known facts with you:

The Vampire is at his strongest during the full moon, everyone knows that!  But what is not known is that the Vampire’s strength renews with the cycle of the moon.   The new moon cycle offers extraordinary psychic ability boosts to the children of the night allowing them to feed upon their unsuspecting prey in more than the typical blood letting.  Vampires are quite capable of feeding on the human psyche, accomplishing one of two tasks, 1. being sustenance, that’s right, it’s not only the the thick red substance that flows within us all that can nourish the Vampire and   2. Once fed upon psychically by a Vampire, he/she will continue to draw energy from your’ psyche until there is no more to drain or a spell is cast to break the hold that the Vampire now holds on you.

So now with your new found wisdom, I caution you on your evening activities for the next few days, unless you are willing to submit yourself to your’ local clans, that will surely be out in full force for the next few evenings!


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