Some poetry to start your week…

Damned by the day, imprisoned by light
Eagerly awaiting his freedom by night.

His fierce eyes shown glowing, as he patiently waits
to bring his next victim to the woest of fates.

He claws at his coffin, as he relives the day
that the Gods above cursed him and made him this way.

So cold and so empty, no mercy has he
His only true love is the passion to feed.

Peace overcomes him as he suckles his prey
He, sated with each heart beat that withers away

A brief taste of life is all that remains
once he licks his lips dry and removes the blood stains.

His heart has grown weary, he now longs for the day
that his soul is released for there’s no other way.

To bring him true peace, he must walk in the light
and embrace his last moments of immortal sight.

He draws his last breath, as his sins burn away
his body collapses and the ground starts to sway.

The earth has broke open to reclaim her son
His immortal life ended, at last, now is done.