Let’s talk Lilith!

   A friend of mine that follows my blog emails me and says,  “I read all of your blogs, you’ve spoken about Lilith a few times but I need more info, will you do a blog just on Lilith for me?”  How do you say no to that!  So here we go, Let’s talk Lilith!

Lilith was said to have been the first female created out of dust by the hands of God as a mate for Adam.  If  you recall, Adam was also made out of dust, making them equal in her eyes. (See Genesis 1: 26-27) it was not until later that Eve was created from the rib of Adam causing her to be submissive to him. (See Genesis 2: 21-24)

It was said that Lilith was a bit headstrong and would not submit to Adam, often having argued about being made to lie beneath him during sex.  Having had enough of Adam, she left him and went to live by the Red Sea.  This is where the demons were known to have lived.  The “Watchers”  as stated by the book of Enoch, were the 200 angels that were cast down from Heaven due to their arrogance and disregard for God and his commandments.  They had been cast upon the face of the Earth while it was still in a void state, prior to the story of creation.   Lilith consorted with the demons and they taught her many secrets, things that were only meant for God and his angels to have known.  She bore many children for them as well (The Nephilim).  Lilith having not eaten from the forbidden fruit of the tree of life,  would not know a mortal death and would forever carry the secrets of God with her to enlighten her spawn.

Enter Cain who had been cast away after murdering his brother Abel.  In his wanderings he encountered Lilith who first seduced him and then shared with him the power of consuming blood.  It is said that the offspring of Cain and Lilith were the first of the Vampire race.

There are many different tales of Lilith in many different dialects, all vary in the details.
The tale above seems to be collaborated by several different ancient texts to include The
Bible, The Book of Enoch and the Talmud to mention a few.
Many legends title Lilith as a demon that is a seducer of men and a murderer of infants.
Demonized by Jewish legend, Lilith is blamed to this day for infant deaths.