The Alnwick Castle Vampire

alnwickThe Alnwick Castle was first mentioned in history books in the year 1096 but it’s vampire troubles did not begin until the 1200’s.  A prominent priest contacted William of Newburgh about the case of the Alnwick Vampire that plagued his Diocese.  If you will recall William of Newburgh investigated reports of vampires in the 1200’s and compiled a journal of his experiences and accounts.

Legend states that a vampire lived beneath the castle where he terrorized it’s inhabitants as well as surrounding villages for over 70 years.  The story begins as such:  There was an unnamed man from Yorkshire who lived a disreputable life, filled with crime, sin and ill repute.  The man was wanted by authorities but he hid within the Alnwick Castle where he had allies, enabling for him to maintain his lifestyle.  The man having resided within the castle for quite some time moved up the ranks and became a Lord, marrying a woman that also resided within the castle.  It was the perfect marriage.  Rumors began to circulate about his wife’s indiscretions.  One evening the man climbed onto the roof above his chambers and peered into the window below to see his wife in bed with another man.  Furious with the scene, the man faltered and fell through the roof injuring himself fatally.  As he lay dying the priest arrived for him to have his final confession but the man refused, uttering curses towards his wife he refused to repent his sins before he died.  The man was laid to rest in the church cemetery, but to no avail.  It was not long after the man returned from the grave and began to attack the surrounding villages leaving a trail of victims with slashed throats and gaping wrists.  The population began to dwindle, between the attacks of the vampire, plague and the remaining fleeing for fear of their lives, the town was nearly emptied.  One Palm Sunday the local priest assembled a group of devout residents and some prominent citizens who went to the cemetery where the man was buried to put an end to this vampire’s grip of terror.

The grave was dug up and the body exhumed.  When the coffin was open the corpse was found to appear fresh and preserved yet was bloated with fresh blood.  The corpse was beheaded and dragged out of town where it was burned then the ashes were reinterred into holy ground to prevent his return.  Up until this day, he has not returned.