Inherited traits of the Vampire

trait     Vampires, though undead, age and mature in a way much like mortals.  A human child is born, he learns how to sit, crawl, walk then run.  Just as the human child must learn how to function with their new found abilities, a new vampire must learn to adapt to their life as an immortal.

A vampire from age 0 – 20:  A “New One” as referred to in the Adrian Triology, the vampire gains only the basic characteristics such as fangs, claws, night vision, enhanced speed, hearing and smell.  By the time the “New One” has mastered his newly found skills, he will develop even more abilities to become acquainted with.

A vampire from age 20 -50:  A vampire in this age range is comparable to the toddler stage in the human race.  The human in his toddler stage has mastering speech and mobility, strengthening both mentally and physically.  The vampire is acquiring enhanced strength, stamina and agility along with the ability to hypnotize.

A vampire age 50 – 100 years:  At this stage the vampire is in his adolescence he is still mastering the skills from his “toddler” stage but he is also acquiring telepathic abilities and the requirement of feeding is not as frequent as it had been in the past 50 years.

A vampire age 100 – 250 is considered an adult.  Once again the vampire finds that he must feed less frequently and now by now has acquired the ability if flight.

Age 250 – 1000 years is considered middle aged.  The vampire will experience enhancements both physically and mentally, again with the ability to go longer between feedings.  The middle aged vampire can be exposed to a limited amount of sunlight and recover fully.

A vampire that is 1000 years old of more is considered an Ancient or “Elder”, also referenced as so in the “Adrian Trilogy”.  As a vampire ages 250+ years they continue to enhance both physically and mentally.  Their other abilities are mastered and their tolerance to exposure of sunlight will continue to strengthen.  An “Elder” vampire can go as long as several weeks without feeding.


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