Is the Malawi government harboring Vampires?

The people of Malawi are furious with their government as accusations mount, accusations of them colluding with and harboring Vampires.  The New York Times reported on December 24, 2002 that President Bakili Muluzi is accusing his opposition of propagating the rumors.  Malawi’s impoverished people have formed vigilante mobs and are attacking those suspected of collusion with Vampires.  One man was reported as having been stoned to death as he was suspected of aiding the Vampires just days before this article was published.  In the same week three roman catholic priests were also attacked as they were suspected to have been involved as well.

CNN reported on January, 11 2003 that Governor Eric Chiwaya, a member of the ruling United Democratic Front was stoned in the streets while the crowd chanted “vampire”.   Chiwaya reported from his hospital bed that the people suspect the government of colluding with vampires to collect human blood for international agencies, while it’s people starve in the streets.

Many of the southern villages have reported several attacks, mostly women and children.  Puncture wounds found on the victims’ arm or neck are the only remnants found at the scene.  The victims have no memory of what has happened to them and there have been no witnesses of anything more that dark figures vanishing into the mist.  The villagers have formed rotating patrols of twelve men armed with pick axes, clubs and knives.  The men patrol the villages and surrounding fields every night once the sun sets.  Attacks were being reported every few days and police refuse to investigate.

The panic has become so wide spread that fields are not being harvested, villages are not maintained and animals are not cared for.  The people are furious as the government is doing everything within their power to quiet any reports being made.  The Associated Press reported on January 23, 2003 that a radio journalist was arrested for interviewing a man that claims he was attacked.  Maganizo Mazeze was charged with broadcasting false news that could lead to public unrest.

Reports have become less frequent, but are ongoing……..