The legend of the Dearg – Due

DEARGDUEThe legend of the Dearg – Due began it’s circulation over 2000 years ago in European folklore.  The legend is based on the tale of a village beauty that was in love with a local peasant.  The maiden was known well throughout the village for her kind spirit and beauty.  The peasant man was a kind-hearted gentleman who possessed all attributes of a desirable mate, with the exception of wealth.

The maidens’ Father, who was known as a cruel man throughout the village, would never allow such a marriage to take place.  Instead he forced his daughter to marry a much older and crueler man than he so that he would gain more wealth by accepting her dowry.

While the father enjoyed his newly gained wealth, he gave not a second thought to his daughter who suffered daily with mental and physical tortures.  Her “husband” found pleasure in drawing blood from her, only to watch her crimson blood pool upon her porcelain skin.  When she was not being tormented by him she was locked away in a tower, so that he alone could see, touch and torture her.  The hope of her true love coming to rescue her was the only thing that kept her alive for the weeks that she was locked away.

When the girl realized that all of her hopes were in vain, she saved herself the only way she knew how.  The maiden would hide the scraps of food that were delivered to her and eventually starved herself to death.  In a slow and agonizing death the girls’ kind soul was twisted into something very sinister.  Upon her dying breath, she renounced God and swore a horrible vengeance.

Legend predating this tale dictated that rocks were to be piled on the graves of the newly dead to prevent them from rising.  The villagers neglected to do this as the girl was interred.  It is said that the entire village that had adored the girl in life all were crushed with an overwhelming guilt at the girls’ demise as they had all been aware of her tortures but none had attempted to rescue her.

The girl rose from her grave on the first night of her burial.  Driven by remnants of her mortal memories, the maddened Dearg – Due began to seek her vengeance.  The Dearg – Due would would lure young men to her with a haunting siren song.  After luring the men out into the night with her, she would tempt them to follow her, to her grave.  The men would be punished as she was and held captive by her for all time, as she was.  Up until this day, the disappearance of any man in the area is attributed to the soulless and insatiable Dearg Due.