The Vampire attacks of Caribou Alaska

In 1899 thousand of settlers flocked to a newly established gold mining town named Caribou in Alaska.  The small town thrived with over 30,000 inhabitants during the gold boom.  Two years later when the gold ran out, the town was deserted.

Forty-one years later when Army Engineers arrived to begin the construction of the Alcan Highway, the town was “awakened”.

On the night of June 13th, 1942, Project headquarters in Whitehorse, Canada received a frantic message from the Caribou camp.  The terrified man told officials that the team had been attacked by Vampires.  Headquarters immediately sent out an assault team from Seattle to investigate the report.  The town was scoured by the team the day that they arrived, but nothing was found, yet the evidence remained as the men that had been attacked still wore the bite marks and wounds of their attackers.  Late that evening, the camp would fall under attack again.  The assault team was able to fend them off until sunrise, just as their munitions grew low.  When the sun rose high in the Alaska sky, the assault team left the camp to search the abandoned gold mines.  Five vampires were found dressed in clothing from the gold mining era.  The assault team immediately decapitated the bodies and drug the remains out of the caves and into the mid day sun.  When the remains of the vampires were examined, personal belongings found on the bodies and within the mines where they survived were found.  All of the belongings were dated back to the gold rush days of Caribou, suggesting that they had been infected in that same era.