Menes – The Vampire Pharaoh

menes       The child king Menes was said to have been the first of many pharaohs that were known to be incarnations of a different Egyptian Gods.  Haro, mother of Menes claimed that he was the offspring of Anubis – God of the Dead.  Much secrecy surrounded the youth as he was no presented before his subjects until age six.  Suspected of having been an evil Diety, Menes was not accepted by his court or his subjects, though shunned by his kingdom, Menes led a blood-filled reign in the name of building the Egyptian Empire, thus dubbing him with the credit of having founded the first dynasty.  Not many archeological artifacts remain of his sixty two year rule, the ones that have been recovered depict Menes as a demon.  One relic in particular, a ivory label for Naqada bears several glyphs that state Menes as the “arisen” pharaoh.  During his fierce reign, Menes ordered the sacrifice of the first born son of each of his subjects’ households, some say inspiring the Christian legend of King Herod.

In 1908 the Bartholomew Museum of Antiquities sold off several lots of it’s esoteric items to finance the addition of a new wing.  Amongst these items was half of  the mummy of Menes, complete with fangs.  Though most legends indicate that Menes was a child ruler, they also indicate that he reigned for sixty years.  Forensic investigation reveals that the body was that of a man that was beyond 100 years in age when he was mummified.

Haro had bred with Erobis to create the vampire child Menes with the aspiration of vampires having taken over the city of Egypt.  the plan failed, the court of Menes formed and uprising and slaughtered Menes upon him having gorged himself with the blood of his subjects.  Menes body was cut in half, leaving his organs intact in order for him to proceed into the gates of the underworld where he would soon rise again as Meni, ruler of Abydos.

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