The Tale of Johannes Cuntius

Sometime in the 17th century Johannes Cuntius, a alderman of Pentach in Silesia died after being kicked in the head by a horse.  He would not remain dead, the townspeople had been made painfully aware as omens of his return began immediately upon his passing.

Cuntius was said to have made a pact with the devil upon his death bed.   When Cuntius’ soul left his body a cold wind arose generating a dark mist.  A black cat emerged from the mist and proceeded to attack Cuntius’ face mauling him severly.  During his funeral the same cold wind arose and did not subside until his coffin was within the ground.

It was said that the town watchman, guarding the body prior to it’s burial, witnessed a phantom-like apparition that spoke with Cunius’ voice.  After his death, reports of strange noises within Cuntius’ house began to circulate through the town.   Other surrounding townspeople also began to experience strange happenings.  Reports made were:, jugs of milk or water being turned to blood, children were found to be missing from their cradles at night, the linens of the priest and altar boy at the local church had been stained with blood.  Reports became more sinister with every passing week.  A maid from a surrounding home reported that she heard someone riding around the house, then into the outer wall, shaking it violently.  Cuntius’ friends and family members began to report having violent encounters, one stating that Cuntius had pulled up two posts that had been secured deeply into the ground  in a fit of rage.   Cuntius also appeared to his widow, demanding to share the bed with her, when he was denied he made several attempts at other women in the surrounding area; one that was touched claimed that Cunius’ hands were as cold as ice.

With each encounter becoming increasingly violent, the townspeople gathered to seek a solution to their increasing torments.  It was the general consensus to disinter his body.  The townspeople met at the graveyard, the bodies that had been buried around Cunius were found to be putrid and rotten.  Cunius’ body was found to be tender and pliable, by no means stiff after having been dead for over six months.   When a staff was placed between his fingers, Cuntius’ eyes opened and he gripped the staff tightly.  When his leg was punctured, he bled profusely and began to struggle.  Cintius was decapitated and dismembered then consigned to the flames thus ending the undead reign of Johannes Cuntius.