The Vampire of Mineral Point

In 1981 reports began to circulate about a vampire that had taken up residence in Mineral Point’s Graceland cemetery.  Initial reports of activity in the graveyard prompted Officer John Pepper to investigate while patrolling the area one evening.  Pepper entered the cemetery and began to make his rounds when he saw a tall caped figure with a white face.  The vampire, startled by this intrusion, fled from the officer who by instinct only, gave chase until he saw the creature leap over a six foot barbed wire fence.  The Officer stopped in his tracks and returned to his squad car to make the report.  He and a group of officers would return to the scene in the morning and attempt to follow the creatures tracks in the still fresh snow.  When Pepper led his companions to the area where the Vampire had escaped, there were no tracks found on the opposite side of the fence.  Not much more would come of the event other than some ribbing by fellow officers.

The story fell silent for quite some time until until March 14th 2004 when police responded to several reports of someone sitting in a tree outside of an apartment complex that would leap upon his victims as they passed to enter.  The description given by witnesses matched John Peppers’ suspect from the Graceland Cemetery case.  The creature remained at the scene until police arrived, they reported that a six foot caped figure leapt from the tree and fled.  The police gave chase only to find that the footprints disappeared at a ten foot concrete wall.  The area was scoured, but not a sign of the creature was found beyond the concrete wall.  Once again the story fell silent until July 11 2008 when the police were dispatched again when a terrified young couple arrived at the station to report a tall caped figure with a white face had chased them.

The witnesses, a young couple that were fishing off of a jetty at Ludden Lake reported that they had heard noises coming from beneath them while fishing from the jetty.  The couple stated that there was scratching under the wooden surface, and that they could hear splashing and something climbing up beneath them.  One of the witnesses, Brandon Heinz, stood and began to stomp on the jetty thinking it was an animal and the the noise would scare it away.  He reported that his stomping only drew the creature closer to them.  He shined his flashlight between the boards of the jetty to see the caped figure climbing up beneath them.  He froze in horror as his girlfriend, Jamie Marker, fled the scene.  When the creature approached, Heinz threw the flashlight at it and fled behind Marker to their parked car where she sat waiting for him with the doors locked.  Heinz entered the car and started the motor, he could see the caped figure speeding towards them as he jammed the car in gear.  The couple fled to the Mineral Point Police station to file their report.  Two patrol units were dispatched to the site but found nothing other than the young couples’ fishing gear that was all still accounted for, with the exception of the flashlight.

Mineral Point was one of the first communities settled within this area.  Mining was the main attraction in the 1800’s.  The newly installed railway system brought wealth and population to the small town as it was where the tracks ended.  There are many stories of ghosts and paranormal activity within the area, perhaps one of the haunted legends of Mineral Point contains a clue of where the Vampire could have originated from.

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