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As promised something very special to start your week!  This is a teaser from “To be his Soulmate”.  One of my favorite parts of the book I might add!  In this section Adrian and Christian have their first encounter, at least in this lifetime!   Happy reading Vampire Nation!

The winding path gave way to majestic oaks that were adorned in lights, “To have seen what those old trees have seen” she thought as she wandered off of the path to sit beneath one of the sprawling giants.  As she settled, her heart began to flutter and a “pressure” surrounded her.  There was complete silence at that moment, not a cricket, not a sound.  Adrian felt as though she was being watched, she looked up to see a dark figure approaching her, a man.  She began to feel anxious as the park had emptied out and she was out of sight of the remaining members of her group. “This might not be good” she thought.  Immediately, a strange feeling of calm came over her as if it were being forced upon her.  As the man approached her, he called out, “Not a good idea for a beautiful woman to be alone in the park after dark.”  The voice seemed familiar to her, as if it were someone she knew a long time ago.  Cautiously, she stood to face the tall dark figure and found herself looking into the deep dark eyes that had haunted her dreams for so long.

Both she and the stranger appeared to be jolted as their eyes met, after a moment of silence the stranger slowly tilted his head.  “You do not fear me.” He stated, as if it surprised him that she did not cower and run away. “Should I?” she asked in the most confident voice that she could muster as he stepped closer to her.  He stood quietly and in a shaken voice he whispered “I know you.” His stern jaw line softened as he stared into her eyes and an expression of overwhelming emotion overcame his face.  “This cannot be, I have been searching for you” he said.  Frozen in disbelief of his words, her heart was pounding, she felt as if there was no other person in the world, no sounds, no air, only she and the familiar stranger that stood before her.  Scenes from the dream began to rush through her thoughts uncontrollably, numbness took her over.   She silently gathered her composure and managed to utter “Who are you?” Not daring to admit that she knew him from her dreams. “You do not know me?” he asked as if making an observation more so than asking a question of her.  Their eyes were locked, as if they both were intent on exploring the other to the depths of their soul.

There was fierceness in his eyes, the feel of rage combined with a sense off all knowing, it was terrifying yet warm and comforting to Adrian.  He drew his eyes from hers as if he were a warrior having his sword pried from his hands while in combat.  As their gaze was disconnected, Adrian felt as if life itself had been drawn from her body, still numb and now weakened from the connection between she and the stranger, Adrian strained to grasp the reality of the events that had unfolded before her.


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A closer look at Jacques de St. Germain

jacques    After a one hour interview on “Whispers in the Dark” I was contacted by several parties that had either requested more information or have volunteered first hand experiences concerning Jacques d’Saint Germain, The New Orleans Vampire.  Since the show I have begun to research him a bit further.  This blog is the first of more to come on Saint Germain, I will start here from the beginning:

Comte de St. Germain was said to have been born in 1712, details of his birth and life as a child are obscure, however Germain was said to have been the son of Francis II Rákóczi, the Prince of Transylvania.  In contradiction to this date are two statements, one by Rameau, a relative of a French ambassador from Venice who testified that he had known St. Germain in 1710 and that he then had the appearance of a man near his fifties.  The second statement may be found in Souvenirs sur Marie Antoinette where Madame d’Adhémar collaborates this date and description adding that Germain was known as the Marquis de Montferrat.

Having achieved prominence in European high society by the mid 1700’s, Germain was known as a courtier, composer, musician, priest, and prophet.  Germain was fluent in several languages which allowed him conference with noblemen from distant countries.  St. Germain also had a vast interest and knowledge of science and alchemy.

Though St. Germain was well known in European society, no one truly knew him, only increasing the intrigue of his curious followers.  Jacques, a lover of the arts, and a talented musician gave only two public performances.  On one said performance in London in May of 1749,  he was described as too great of a musician not to have become famous, if he had not have been a gentleman.  Lady Jamima Yorke was quoted to have said that Germain was an odd creature and that the more she saw of him the more she was curious to know something of him and that he “was everything to everyone”.  Lord Walpole, after having experienced the same performance described Germain as extremely pale with the darkest of hair and a matching beard.  Walpole continued by saying that Germain dressed magnificently and wore several jewels upon his person indicating that he was clearly receiving large remittances.

In 1748 he was hired by King Louis the XV for diplomatic missions.  On one of these missions Germain was a guest of Giacomo Casanova and a party of other well respected French nobles.  Casanova described his first encounter with Germain in his memoirs:

The most enjoyable dinner I had was with Madame de Robert Gergi, who came with the famous adventurer, known by the name of the Count de St. Germain. This individual, instead of eating, talked from the beginning of the meal to the end, and I followed his example in one respect as I did not eat, but listened to him with the greatest attention. It may safely be said that as a conversationalist he was unequaled.

St. Germain gave himself out for a marvel and always aimed at exciting amazement, which he often succeeded in doing. He was scholar, linguist, musician, and chemist, good-looking, and a perfect ladies’ man. For awhile he gave them paints and cosmetics; he flattered them, not that he would make them young again (which he modestly confessed was beyond him) but that their beauty would be preserved by means of a wash which, he said, cost him a lot of money, but which he gave away freely.

In 1762 Germain would travel to Russia to where it is said that he worked inconspicuously within a conspiracy that resulted in placing Katherine the Great on the throne, later advising her Commander of the Imperial armies in a war against Turkey, which they won.

In 1774 he would return to France while Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette occupied the throne, allegedly warning them 15 years prior to the impending revolution.

In 1779 he would travel to Germany and befriend Prince Charles of Hesse-Cassel where he would live as a guest in the castle for the next 5 years.  Local records would state that Germain died here on February 27, 1784.

Yet in 1785 he was known to reside in Germany, befriending Anton Mesmer, the pioneer hypnotist.  Germain was said to have given Mesmer the basic ideas for hypnotism and personal magnetism.  Also in 1785 it is recorded in the official records of the Freemasonry that they had chosen St. Germain as their representative for the annual 1785 convention.

In 1789 after the taking of the Bastille in the French Revolution Germain would return to France to counsel the Comtesse d’Adhémar.  She describes having had an in-depth conversation with him where he allegedly told her of France’s immediate future.  In 1821 she wrote:  “I have seen Saint-Germain again, each time to my amazement. I saw him when the queen [Antoinette] was murdered, on the 18th of Brumaire, on the day following the death of the Duke d’Enghien, in January, 1815, and on the eve of the murder of the Duke de Berry.” The last time she saw him was in 1820 – and each time he looked to be a man no older than his mid-40s.

  In 1821, Germain was said to have taken on a new identity.  Major Faser had apparent wealth but lived alone and never alluded to any family.  Recognized throughout the community as a knowledgeable and well traveled man, Germain’s cover was blown by Albert Vandam who wrote of having met a man that bore a striking resemblance to Count de Saint Germain.  In his memoirs is written:

“He called himself Major Fraser, lived alone and never alluded to his family. Moreover he was lavish with money, though the source of his fortune remained a mystery to everyone. He possessed a marvelous knowledge of all the countries in Europe at all periods. His memory was absolutely incredible and, curiously enough, he often gave his hearers to understand that he had acquired his learning elsewhere than from books. Many is the time he has told me, with a strange smile, that he was certain he had known Nero, had spoken with Dante, and so on.”

Major Fraser disappeared without a trace.

This brings us to Germain’s recorded history up until the early 1820’s.  We will examine more recent recordings upon the next blog, where things are certain to become even more interesting!

Markus Jarrell Kirby-Character of To be his Soulmate

Markus is the right hand man of Christian.  Though he maintains the demeanor of a butler or man servant, there is more to Markus than meets the eye!  Among his responsibilities of overseeing day to day operations of the New Orleans estate, Markus serves as a liaison for Christian who rarely travels without him.  He is well known and respected amongst the clans as well as the Parliament itself as he has been a mortal member for many, many years.

Here is the tale of how Markus and Christian formed their alliance:

Having had first hand knowledge of the impending passage of the 18th amendment in July of 1919, Christian, being the entrepreneur that he was, began to plan for things to come.  Christian purchased large amounts of worthless swamp ground off of the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast shoreline that he would intend to use as passages to deliver his vintage wines and liquors.  By the mid 1920’s Christian’s property was dead center of what was to become known as “Rum Row”.  He soon found that both his products and services were in high demand and would have to depend on locals that were knowledgeable in both the terrain and in bootlegging.  Christian would oversee each shipment personally, leaving him little time to tend to his other endeavors.  Upon one of these such trips he encountered a man by the name of William Tell who he would later employ to oversee the operation.  Things ran smoothly for quite sometime until other desperate runners had begun to cause problems along Rum Row.  Tell would enlist the most notorious of runners, then known as M.J. Kirby, to undertake the task of moving the product through Rum Row.  Kirby was known to be a mastermind, as well as a vicious man, though he was a quiet man, he possessed the most eloquent of dialect and soon befriended Christian as he was impressed with Kirby’s abilities to overcome the greatest of obstacles.

In the winter of 1921 Kirby would oversee the largest shipment of alcohol that Rum Row had ever known.  Little did Kirby know that word of the shipments had seeped out to both the authorities as well as other rival bootleggers, Kirby would be leading the shipment into an ambush of epic proportions.

As the men began to unload the wooden crates of wines and liquors onto smaller flat bottom boats, lights began to surround them.  The site soon became a bloodbath, but what no one had suspected would now become apparent.  Christian, along on this delivery would be forced to reveal that he was Vampire.  When the massacre had ended, the waters of the bayou ran thick with blood.  As Christian surveyed the loss he stumbled upon Kirby who was in a bad way.  Christian knowing that Kirby had a wife and children at home could not bare seeing them suffer without him.  “I can save your’ life but it will cost you” he told Kirby as he struggled for air.  Kirby nodded his head in approval.  Christian bit into his own wrist then held it over Kirby’s wounds then over Kirby’s mouth.  “Drink and live” Christian ordered.  Kirby did as he was told and lived but not as he had been before.

By taking Christian’s blood he had not only been healed but restored to a perfect physical state.  he would now heal faster, age slower and have more strength than that of a typical man.  He was also now bonded to Christian for life.  Christian allowed for Kirby to see after his loved ones, once his children had grown and his wife had passed he would send for Kirby from Grenoble where he would become known as Markus, leaving his old life and alias far behind.


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The Vrykolakas-A Greek Vampire legend

VThe Greeks believed that a human could become a Vrykolakas after death by having lived an ungodly life, being buried on unconsecrated ground, being excommunicated or by having eaten the meat of a lamb that had been injured or killed by a wolf.  Some Greek legends insinuate that even a werewolf could become one of the Vrykolkas upon it’s death.  Individuals that had red hair and grey eyes were suspected of having been one of the undead, which I find intriguing as other ancient vampire lore states that any vampire with red hair was a direct descendant of Judas Escariot’s cursed blood line.

Unlike other undead beings from surrounding continents, the Greek Vampire was not an attractive creature.  Legends state that the Vrykolakas appears to be completely drained of it’s blood,  but once the vampire had fed, he would swell into a blood gorged creature before returning to it’s grave.   Greek legends state that this was the only time that the destructive creature could meet it’s demise.  The Vampire was said to return to it’s grave every Saturday, but would rise again the following day to wreak havoc upon nearby residents.  The Vrykolakas was said to have a wide range of activity, ranging from merely wandering from it’s grave to performing poltergeist-like activities.  Some legends state that the Vampire would knock at a perspective victims door, if the person would open the door on the first knock they were certain to arise the next day as one of the undead.  The legend lingers to this day, a traditional Greek household will only open the door upon the second knock.

The Vrykolakas has been in ancient Greek history for centuries and is still prevalent to this day.  A tale said to have occurred sometime in the 1950’s can be found in the in The book of vampires, it goes something like this:

A husband and wife that loved each other dearly began to have problems as the husband had lost his job and become severely depressed.  The man began to go out all night and would not return home until the following morning.  This of course caused the wife to become deeply concerned and afraid as she would be left alone night after night.  By the time the wife realized that her husband had been drinking heavily he had already become an alcoholic.  One evening the wife had him followed on his nightly outing, the follower came to a tree on the edge of town where the man was known to sit and drink.  There hanging from the tree was the body of her husband.  The wife was devastated and soon began to act irrationally.  She would stay indoors at all times and refuse to open the door for visitors.  On her seldom trips away from her home, people noticed that she had become pale and sickly.  Eventually she would confess to the town’s religious official that she had been being haunted by her dead husband.  It seemed that on the first night after his body was found hanging from the tree, he had returned to his home and knocked at the door.  He begged his wife to let him in as he said something about needing his shoes.  The wife was terrified but allowed her husband into the home.  The visits continued on a nightly basis from there on out, the wife had even admitted to having lain with her husband every night for several consecutive months.  The religious official became concerned for the safety of the town and decided that they would destroy the Vrykolakas.  Having committed suicide and then being buried on unconsecrated ground had surely turned the man, the officials would plot his demise according to ancient legend.  The townspeople eventually found the man’s dead body, shriveled and disheveled he lay as they prepared to drive a wooden stake through his heart.  Eyewitness accounts state that the man moaned as the stake was inserted, other accounts said that his body turned to dust upon completion of his writhing.  Now having freed themselves from the Vrykolakas, the town would have another problem to deal with, his now pregnant wife.  Unfortunately the tale ends here, one could only imagine from this point what came to be of the widow and her unborn spawn.

Stay tuned for more vampire legends as well as tidbits from the Adrian Trilogy!

And then there was Christian!

Christian is another of the main characters found in “To be his Soulmate”  His story sets the entire basis of the Trilogy.

Long ago and far away, indeed is the best of beginnings for Christian’s character!  Christian, then known as Edward, walked as a mortal during the 12th century.  The entire continent had been at war for several generations just prior to his human birth, but peace would soon find the land.  Edward, the eldest son of the King would inadvertently fulfill the commands of his father by being betrothed to the Princess of their former enemy, but they did not live happily every after as you will soon find out!

As we know, Vampires have roamed the Earth for over 4000 years, all having been inadvertently placed upon the planet by the hands of God, with the exception of those that fell victim of their wrath.  This original breed of Vampire was said to have originated with Lilith as she bore the offspring of the Nephillim.  Edward would now be the first of a new breed due to the fact that his own bloodthirsty actions had been recognized by the Gods above, rendering one Diety to return to Earth and confront him.  Edward having been maddened by grief would defy the Diety by refusing to end his revenge filled and murderous tirade.  In turn, the Diety had become enraged with his obstinacy and cursed him.  Edward would never again walk within the light, his desire for the blood of those that had wronged him would now be his only sustenance.  The Diety cursed him to forever exist, sentencing him to see everyone and everything that he had every loved die and wither away into the wind.

Edward continued to hold venom and fury within him, the curse would not deter him from avenging the death of Cassandra.  He became even more bloodthirsty as he scoured every village and every city to destroy those born of the Sur names found on his list.   Edward was now further fueled in his spree, he would now feast upon man, woman and child indiscriminately until his appetite for revenge had been sated.

Centuries had passed, Edward, now known as Christian, had come to terms with his sentence and chose to continue his existence in a more peaceful manner.  Known to many during this era as kind and wise, Christian was both confidant and counselor to many Ruler, conqueror and explorer.   He would not only organize others like him, he would be come to be known as the Father of the Vampire nation by having formed the Parliament that would rule over their kind.   Though he was pleased with his own accomplishments, there would always remain within him, an emptiness that longed to be filled.  He had held on to the belief that he one day would be reunited with his Cassandra.

One summer, not too long ago, Christian was in council with the Parliament in Grenoble.  During his stay, the now centuries old memories of Cassandra began to fall heavy on his heart.  Try as he may, he could not shake her from his mind.  So distracted was he by her that he would end the conferences and return to his newly acquired plantation estate just outside of New Orleans.

Now completely restored and staffed the old estate shined brightly through the massive oaks that lined the paved drive.  Christian had not visited the city since the late 1800’s, he was looking forward to being reacquainted with the old southern charm that had resonated through the area since it’s establishment in the early 1700’s.   As he awoke from his first days sleep in his new estate, she was there with him again, only much more vivid than before.  Christian would become frustrated and excuse himself from the estate as sunset to seek out his first prey since his return.  And this, my friends is where the story of Christian and Adrian begins!  Hang on, it’s going to be a hell of a ride!