To be his Soulmate…The Dawning of the Adrian Trilogy

As you may have noticed, I blog all that is Vampire!  The Vampire race has always been alluring to me, the fierceness coupled with the knowledge and power of an ancient being is wildly fascinating!  Vampires from all eras of world history ranging from the Vampire Gods of Ancient Egypt and Samaria to the new age vampire sub-cultures found in society today are all akin within the “Vampire Nation”.  Yet the recent depictions of the PG-13 Vampire persona has rendered me unenthused, therefore I have penned the Adrian Trilogy.  The first installment, “To be his Soulmate” will be released in upcoming weeks, I invite you to stay tuned to my blogs for the next few weeks as I will be posting some teasers from the book itself.

I feel strongly that I am not the only vampire enthusiast that has been starved for a true depiction of these magnificent creatures.  The first Novel of the collection is the basis of the entire Trilogy.  The tale will take the reader far back into time to reveal how the legend of Christian came to be.  The reader will find that the tale is based on true vampire history and characteristics, evolving as the vampire has adapted to centuries of change; then intertwining with a modern day character in a realistic and imaginative setting.   The tale is largely based in the New Orleans area throughout the entire series.  Living just a short ride from the south shore of Lake Ponchartrain has given me the advantage of being well versed in local Vampire history and legend.  As I have said in the past; “Tourists suspect what we locals know to be true when it comes to the existence of Vampires in New Orleans.”   The series has been written with the adult reader in mind, there will be no catering to a “general audience” for this writer!         Stay tuned for more …………………


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