The Vampire of Ybor city

Tucked away in the historical district of Ybor city, Tampa Florida, is a gothic nightclub known as the Castle.  The Castle has stood for many decades, it was once a cigar manufacturing plant in the 1800’s founded by Vincent Martinez-Ybor.  The small town boomed until the depression of the 1930’s rendered it a ghost town.

In 1992 the castle had been restored and was opened to the public as a vibrant nightclub featuring exotic drinks and ales imported from all corners of the world.  Soon rumors of hauntings in the area began to circulate and the club became an elite haven for many that had chosen an alternative lifestyle.  Ybor city history and tours tell of many ghost sightings within the Castle as well as in surrounding areas, but it is the Castle alone that has claim to hosting the Vampire Rex.

Rex is described as a handsome and alluring man standing approximately 6’5″ with shoulder length black hair.  His attire of choice is typically black pants, high boots and shirts made of silk.  Though many flock to the establishment to catch a sight of him, Rex insists on keeping a low profile, no one has ever held a long conversation with him as he keeps to himself and is known to disappear when attention is drawn to him.  Rex is said to be quite charming and is spotted several times per year which baffles the Club’s staff as all patrons are required to present an ID upon entering.  Not once has anyone recalled carding Rex at the door and it is not likely that entrance was made from any other part of the building as it is surrounded by an 11 ft fence.

Several of the female patrons have reported having brief encounters with Rex.  In a recent investigation the following story was unearthed:

When having interviewed one of the bartenders, he reported that a group of his female friends had encountered Rex on more that one occasion.  One of the females in particular found him to be quite attractive and upon one of those encounters she decided to approach him.  She found that Rex was quite charming, after a brief conversation Rex took her hand and led her to the outdoor balcony where they could speak in a more private setting.  The girl stated that Rex had conducted himself as a gentleman but had begun to make advances to her about ten minutes into their conversation.  When he had become a bit too promiscuous, she declined his advances, the expression on Rexs’ face was one of distaste of her disapproval.  The girl looked away for just a second, when she looked up again Rex had disappeared.  Now the balcony had not been completely desert on this night, approximately fifteen people stood within the same area.  When the girl began to ask around to see where Rex had gone, no one standing near her had seen him, at all.

Rex is still sighted within the walls of the Castle, typically keeping to himself unless he finds interest in a young female patron.