Striving to make your’ Monday suck just a bit less!

I would like to take a moment to thank all of my new followers, your’ timing is impeccable!

As promised something very special to start your week!  This is a teaser from “To be his Soulmate”.  One of my favorite parts of the book I might add!  In this section Adrian and Christian have their first encounter, at least in this lifetime!   Happy reading Vampire Nation!

The winding path gave way to majestic oaks that were adorned in lights, “To have seen what those old trees have seen” she thought as she wandered off of the path to sit beneath one of the sprawling giants.  As she settled, her heart began to flutter and a “pressure” surrounded her.  There was complete silence at that moment, not a cricket, not a sound.  Adrian felt as though she was being watched, she looked up to see a dark figure approaching her, a man.  She began to feel anxious as the park had emptied out and she was out of sight of the remaining members of her group. “This might not be good” she thought.  Immediately, a strange feeling of calm came over her as if it were being forced upon her.  As the man approached her, he called out, “Not a good idea for a beautiful woman to be alone in the park after dark.”  The voice seemed familiar to her, as if it were someone she knew a long time ago.  Cautiously, she stood to face the tall dark figure and found herself looking into the deep dark eyes that had haunted her dreams for so long.

Both she and the stranger appeared to be jolted as their eyes met, after a moment of silence the stranger slowly tilted his head.  “You do not fear me.” He stated, as if it surprised him that she did not cower and run away. “Should I?” she asked in the most confident voice that she could muster as he stepped closer to her.  He stood quietly and in a shaken voice he whispered “I know you.” His stern jaw line softened as he stared into her eyes and an expression of overwhelming emotion overcame his face.  “This cannot be, I have been searching for you” he said.  Frozen in disbelief of his words, her heart was pounding, she felt as if there was no other person in the world, no sounds, no air, only she and the familiar stranger that stood before her.  Scenes from the dream began to rush through her thoughts uncontrollably, numbness took her over.   She silently gathered her composure and managed to utter “Who are you?” Not daring to admit that she knew him from her dreams. “You do not know me?” he asked as if making an observation more so than asking a question of her.  Their eyes were locked, as if they both were intent on exploring the other to the depths of their soul.

There was fierceness in his eyes, the feel of rage combined with a sense off all knowing, it was terrifying yet warm and comforting to Adrian.  He drew his eyes from hers as if he were a warrior having his sword pried from his hands while in combat.  As their gaze was disconnected, Adrian felt as if life itself had been drawn from her body, still numb and now weakened from the connection between she and the stranger, Adrian strained to grasp the reality of the events that had unfolded before her.


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  2. Such a beautifully haunting scene. Their first encounter and yet so familiar! I felt as if I were there witnessing it myself. I love it. Makes me want to read more and more! I am looking forward to reading the entire story.