Another teaser from “To be his Soulmate”

Upon their approach to the front steps, they could see scattered bodies on the lawn, covered by blood soaked white linens.   She reached to take Christian’s hand squeezing it tightly in an attempt to comfort him.  “I need to enter first, will the council allow that?” she asked.  “If that is the way it has to be, yes”  “Driver, please alert the other cars that Miss Adrian needs to be the first to enter the estate.”  The driver nodded in confirmation as he radioed the other cars which were all rolling to a stop at the main entrance.

Christian exited the car and stood gawking in disbelief at the scene that lay out before him.  The other members of the council, all having exited their cars stood staring in disbelief as well.  They began to swallow the magnitude of their surroundings.  The Council approached Christian and Adrian as she prepared to enter the building.  The remaining security force lined the steps as Adrian began to walk towards the doorway.  She began to see the events of the previous evening unfold before her.

“They came from ground and air alike, both human and Vampire, every opening of the building was breached simultaneously” she walked through the door and stood between two bodies that lay on either side of the entrance.  “They were stunned, as they never heard the approach, nearly all of the security posted outside of the estate were dead by the time the doors swung open, without a moment to even prepare for their defense.  This one was able to radio the other guards before life left his body” she said as she pointed to the corpse on her right.  The council followed her every move as if she were a tour guide, and they the tourist.  She began to walk further into the building, having a similar layout of the estate outside of Grenoble.  She stopped in the center of the room and turned her attention to a closed door on her right.  Adrian felt as though she were in a vacuum, being sucked toward the door.  She proceeded and placed her hands on the cold thick wood, closing her eyes and concentrating on what information that it would reveal to her.  “The tip of the spear was here, he did not get everything that he came for” she said as she opened the door and walked in.  Behind the desk sat the Lord of the estate, less his head which sat facing the far left corner of the room, she stood still acknowledging both the body and its head.  Adrian was distracted by the gasps of horror emitted from members of the Council behind her.  Fighting to maintain her focus, she directed her attention to the headless body that occupied the chair before her. “He did not attempt to defend himself, he knew that he was going to die where he sat” she said as she moved forward through the room, she walked behind the desk and reached to touch the chair that the Lord sat in, Ruth gasped as she began to roll the chair from its position.  Lucas held up his hand to quiet her, as Adrian’s head jerked to her direction from the distraction.   A moment passed as Adrian redirected her attention to rolling the chair away from the desk.  Ruth and Naomi turned their heads away as the others in the group sat staring at the headless body.  Adrian now stood behind the desk, touching the desk lightly with her fingertips she began to describe the things that had happened in the room before the Lords’ head was separated from his body.  “There were three that came specifically for his head, they walked into the room arrogantly.”  “Without a word being spoken, the tall one drew his sword and removed his head” she mumbled as she stared through the door way.  She then turned her gaze to the floor beneath the desk and kneeled to pull away the rug, Christian and Lucas walked behind the desk to see what it was that had captured her attention.  As the floor beneath the desk was now exposed, she ran her fingers over the cold wood planks and at once pushed down upon one of the boards causing a panel beneath the desk to open, she reached into the hole and retrieved some documents and a disk……….

Another New Orleans Vampire Legend

diabloIt still stands on the Esplanade end of Decatur st, only a shadow now of the majestic dynasty that it once portrayed.  The “Casa do Diablo” once owned by Alberto De Leonne, head of one of the most powerful mercantile families of the old Port of New Orleans.  The home is a three story french style improvement with a lovely courtyard that had been stocked with exotic seedlings.  The courtyard would become a haven for DeLeonne and his lovely bride, spending many evenings under the tropical foliage that had been designed for him by Jacques FelixLelievre, a reknowned  landsacaper of that era.  A large lime tree stood as the centerpiece of the courtyard, DeLeonne had seen to having one shipped in from an exotic island off the Cuban coast, it’s purpose was to remind him from where he had come.

DeLeonne immigrated to New Orleans in the 1830’s and worked his way up from a being a clerk at the Port into having one of the largest and most well respected mercantile companies in the area.  Once DeLeonne had become successful, he decided to wed and build a home and family in the French Quarters of New Orleans.  DeLeonne would marry a beautiful creole lass, but by marrying he not only acquired a dowry, a shady brother-in-law came with the package.  Though DeLeonne did not care for Ramon, he appeased the family of his new bride and assigned menial responsibilities within his estate to him in order for him to be gainfully employed.  Ramon, now with frequent coin in his pocket would wander the streets of the French Quarters drunken on rum.  He had rightfully earned the reputation of a trouble maker as he was typically found in the midst of it.   For and amongst this reason, Deleonne was heartbroken to give the responsibility of maintaining the courtyard to Ramon, as his wife had so requested.

As time passed, DeLeonne would father several children as well as expand his business.  As his responsibilities grew, he was unable to keep an eye on Ramon who’s habits had completely overtaken him.  Ramon had even sunken to frequently visiting the “Green Fairy” and had also become addicted to both absinthe and laudanum.  Though Ramon was incoherent most of the time, he managed to maintain the courtyard as he had become obsessed with it.  According to legend it was on one of these drug laden evenings that Ramon stumbled upon members of a secret vodoun sosyete in the midst of a black magic ritual where on of the vodusi men held up two fingers of his left hand and spat a curse at him through them; this is where his legend begins.

Ramon began to neglect his duties and began to sleep through the day, becoming mostly nocturnal in his lucid hours.  In the evenings when he arose he would eat his only meal of the day before going out into the courtyard to maintain the foliage, the only responsibility that he had not let lapse.  After his work was done he would wander from the DeLeonne house and into the French Quarters only to return home by dawn full of absinthe and screaming of terrors that had nipped at his heels all of the way home.  Soon after a night came where Ramon failed to show up for his nightly meal.  DeLeonne went into the garden to look for him and found him lying dead at the roots of the lime tree that he had so obsessively cared for,  DeLeonne was heartbroken, he decided to have Ramon buried beneath the roots of the tree that he had loved so dearly.

As the servants began to dig at the base of the tree, screaming could be heard all about the courtyard.  DeLeonne came funning to find that the servants were uncovering decomposing body parts.  Legs, feet, heads and torsos were beginning to pile onto the courtyard grounds.  DeLeonne fell to his knees at the sight of it as now it had become apparent why Ramon would work in the garden all night long.

DeLeonne had called the authorities in to remove the bodies and file a report, in the mean while he would have Ramon buried in his family plot in St. Louis No. 1.  As Ramon’s body was put the rest, the official report was released to DeLeonne.   The report stated that all of the body parts had been drained of blood.  DeLeonne’s household was now in a full uproar, his servants and slaves were near the point of riot as their master had been housing the “Devil bloodsucker” under the same roof.

After several weeks had passed, the French Quarters had begun to settle.  Locals were taking Ramon’s addictions into consideration for his behavior and things were beginning to normalize once more, everyone except the servants and slaves that remained in the employ of DeLeonne after the incident.  His staff seemed nervous and uneasy as the went about their chores, fear could be seen in the eyes of many of them.  Something had recently caused several of the staff to fall ill, two had passed away.  This fear could be seen most obviously in the eyes of the gardener that had been assigned Ramon’s task of maintaining the gardens.  The man would work quickly if at all, and only in the light of the day.  Most staff would not enter the garden and the slaves would have to be beaten into submission.

DeLeonne soon became tired of the rumors, he would pull each member of the staff aside and ask what the root of their fear concerning the garden was.  Each time the answer was the same;  The servants and staff alike confessed that they feared Ramon had not died and that he ahd returned to the garden where he would be able to prey upon or even kill them.  DeLeonn was irritated by the uneducated ramblings of his staff, he decided to put the rumors to an end and spend the night in the garden himself to disprove their irrational theories.

DeLeoon gathered some books, a blanket and a lantern and despite the pleading from his wife and children, he set out to spend the night in the courtyard.  All was well as DeLeonne wrapped himself in his blanket to ward off the winter’s chill as he read by the light of his lantern.  Sometime after midnight he began to feel that he was no longer alone in the garden, DeLeonne saw a shadow just out of the range of his feeble lantern as it passed through the banana trees.   He stared into the darkness but saw nothing afterwards and began to read again.  As soon as he settled he began to hear shuffling and scraping coming from behind him.  He lifted his lantern and walked toward the noise.  He searched but found nothing so turned to make his way back to his books.  As the light of the lantern shined onto the roots of his prized lime tree, DeLeonne realized that something wasn’t right; the ground was moving, in fact rolling in lumps amongst the roots of the lime tree.  DeLeonne leaned closer with his lantern to be horrified at the sight beneath him.  There is the composting soil was Ramon, slithering through the soil and staring back at him with glowing red eyes.  Before DeLeonne could run for the horrid sight, the creature was upon him, slashing him with his claws and tearing at him with his newly fanged teeth.  He fought with all of his might as Ramon began to drain him of his blood.  Just then he remembered having placed a revolver in his vest as an afterthought.  He reached into his vest, drew the revolver and fired.  The beast released him as the sound from the gun had startled it, but only momentarily.  The beast lunged again onto him as the bullet had no affect on him.  He would not release DeLeonne until the sound of the staff’s feet approached.  The beast immediately released DeLeonne as the glow of lanterns approached, he quickly slithered back into the soil beneath the roots of the mighty lime tree.  It was DeLeonnes’ son Charles that found his lifeless body, as he lifted his father to bring him inside he saw a set of red eyes glowing up at him from beneath the roots of the lime tree.  He called out for help, several of the men ran to assist as they roped the beast and held him down.  One brave black man by the name of Sadugh who was larger than the rest of them, ran quickly to retrieve a sharp object, he returned quickly with a large hewn piece of metal that resembled a spike.  Sadugh began to speak in heavy African dialect while another translated:  “He say turn him over” the translator ordered. The men struggled with the writhing beast and could not overcome him until Sadugh joined in and pinned the beast face down into the ground.  Sadugh spoke again, “He say dig!” The translator shouted.  Everyone including Charles, dug frantically unitl Sadugh gave the signal to stop, he then stood over the beast and drove the large metal spike into him with full force.   Ramon writhed in pain hissing and gurgling as blood spewed from his body.  The men would stand watch over him until the sun rose when they would fill the hole beneath the lime tree where Ramon’s remnants lay spiked into the earth.

Days later, Charles ordered the tree cut down and burned, he removed one healthy branch and placed inside his Father’s crypt before sealing it.  DeLeonne no rests in his family plot in St. Louis No. 1 with his wife and children.

Locals claim that the courtyard still exists and that the remnants of the once majestic lime tree is market by a greying stump, if you look closely into the intertwining roots, you can just see the rusted metal spike protruding from the soil beneath.  It is said that when the moon is full and the thick mist of the Mississippi fill the streets of the French Quarter, Ramon can be heard from beneath the ground swearing that he is indeed the devil and that he wants for someone to remove the spike and free him so that he may walk amongst us once more.

The Parliament Part II

So far we have discussed the first five members of the parliament:  Christian, Lucas, Isaac, Ruth and Naomi.  The remaining members are as follows:

Frederick is the youngest member of the parliament.  He is more modern than the previously discussed members, with a reputation of being known as somewhat of a playboy.

Frederick, in the early 1600’s had spent several weeks at a local brothel in Portsmouth before joining the crew of a British merchant ship bound for the Caribbean Island of Nevis.  The tale of Captain Wheelers’ Cormorant is now a well known legend.

On the evening of   June 15, 1607 another of the crew had boarded the ship after having been bitten by a female vampire.  Captain Wheeler’s journal describes the events on board until at he, one of the last to have been attacked, had succumbed to the entire crew of vampires.  On the morning of September 20, the ship of vampires cruised into the harbor of Nevis.   When boarded by the harbor master the Captain and crew were no where to be found.  The harbor master sent for more men to help him search the large ship.  Once below, the entire crew were discovered in the ships’ cargo bay.  The harbor master’s men assumed that the men were all dead.  As more support was brought in later that afternoon to begin unloading the supposed corpses they would discover that the crew was indeed, not dead.  The vampires fed well on the men and fled the ship to populate the Caribbean Islands and thus the new world.  Frederick, amongst the vampires, would spend several years in the islands until joining the crew of another merchant ship that would sail into the Gulf of Mexico.  Frederick would homestead in the Southern-most edge of Louisiana, relocating in the early 1700’s as the French Quarter of New Orleans was established.

The final two members of the parliament are William and Thomas, brothers at their mortal birth.  Thomas takes upon himself to monitor exposure to his race by observing those that would draw attention to themselves.  William is more rooted in upholding the general laws of the Vampire nation and is frequently involved when an offender is brought before Parliament.  Set in the old ways, William is quick to pass judgement on those that do not obey the laws set forth for all vampire.

Their turning also involves a ship.  As members of the Queens’ royal navy, Thomas and William were well traveled men.  In the late 12th century the Queen had sent her royal navy to investigate wild reports of the dead rising and attacking villagers near the Port of Venezia.  The Queen’s court had heard several stories brought back to them by the captains and crews of local trade ships upon their return.  Intrigued by the tales of revenants, The Queen sent Thomas and William to investigate the wild tales as she desired first hand information.

The ship sailed into the Port of Venezia and docked with intentions of remaining for several weeks.  Once on shore the crew of the bulking beast would soon grow unimpressed with the primitive notions that the region had to offer.  One evening the crew, drunken with rum decided  to begin robbing the surrounding towns and villages, stashing their booty within the hull of the ship.  One evening the crew happened upon a stately home built high upon a mountain ridge.  The crew, under the cloak of darkness, would enter the estate and rob it of all valuables that they came across.  The thieves returned to the ship just before sunrise and stashed their loot.  The owner of the estate, an elder vampire, returned home as the same time to discover that his valuables had been taken and his beautiful home ram-sacked.  The Vampire was furious and immediately knew that the foreign ship docked in the harbor, held his valuables.

The following evening, just after sunset, the enraged vampire boarded the ship and fed well upon those responsible for the theft, taking several of the crew captive and ordering them to return his possessions to his estate.  Among the captives were Thomas and William.  For years the vampire would torment the remaining mortal survivors of his raid as he held them prisoner.  After some time the Vampires’ rage began to subside.  He began to converse with Thomas and William about the distant land of England as he had become stagnant in his location and desired to experience foreign lands.  William and Thomas became advisors to the Vampire and would later be turned by him to protect them from plagues that were presently ravaging the land.  Soon after, William and Thomas would gather a crew and sail their maker into England.

Thomas and William would remain loyal servants to their maker for many years until the vampire decided to relocate back to his original estate as he felt that he had experienced enough of the modern world.  The brothers would remain in England for the remainder of the century then would assume the last names of Carter before moving to New Orleans Louisiana.

Another of my favorite section from “To be his Soulmate”

This section details how Christian came to be cursed, though I am not revealing the events that led up to this moment!  In this scene, Christian, once known in his mortal life as Edward, is sharing the tale of his life with Adrian, who is baffled as she has seen many of the events that he is describing in her dreams…………………


“Edward, in order to hold to his oath, continued to seek his revenge, taking the lives of men women and children alike in the name of his lost love.  One evening while he camped in the forest he saw a glowing figure as it approached from afar.  The bluish-white glow held his gaze as he knew it was not the glow of a torch signaling a lone rider.  As it neared, Edward saw that it was the form of a woman floating, not walking to him.  The figure stopped before him.  His heart was pounding, as he had never seen anything like it.  The woman held out her hands to him, as a Mother calling her child to her bosom.

“Edward, I have been watching you, and the path of blood that you have spilled.  I have come to you this night to tell you to end your quest.”  “I have heard your cries and felt your anger, your appetite for revenge is insatiable, you will never be vindicated through your actions.”  Edward rose to face the apparition and stammered “If you have been watching me, surely you know why I am on this quest.  You are demanding for me to spare the lives of the families that are responsible for murdering my Cassandra.  I have made an oath to the Gods and sealed it in blood, I will not stop until every name on my list has been eliminated, including the King!”

Edward, still fueled by grief, was furious that he was being told to abandon his revenge by a Deity that had surely not been watching over Cassandra on that fateful night. “You are here pleading your case for the guilty, but yet you allowed the deaths of innocents, you fell short of your tasks, at my hands they will all be punished.”  He said as he shook in anger.  The woman drew closer to Edward and now floated above him looking down into his face.

Her eyes began to pierce him to his soul “You dare to defy me mortal!  It is not your’ place to determine punishment, you too have slaughtered innocents, we have watched you from above and have allowed you to act upon your’ anger for far too long.  You have grown cold and have tarnished your own soul and now are defying me.  For this I am placing upon you a curse, you shall never again walk in daylight, you will live all days and helplessly watch your own loved ones die less you bestow your’ curse upon them.  Your’ appetite for blood will now become your’ sustenance.   This, Edward is your’ sentence, and it will be upheld until I determine you have paid in full!”

He was angered by her words, which further infuriated the Deity.  Her soft features turned into a scowl as she descended upon him like a bolt of lightning to initiate her curse.   Edward felt his soul being ripped from his body as she ascended back from where she had come.

He fell to his knees emptied, he felt the urge to cry out, but could not.  He lay where he fell for the remainder of the night searching for sleep that did not come.  As the night skies began to give way to the dawning sun, Edward began to feel ill, the brighter the skies became the more ill he felt.  It was as if his blood were boiling, the first beams of light began to filter through the trees above, Edward struggled to get to his feet, as he did, he stood up into a ray of light.  The pain was excruciating, it felt as if a burning  sword had sliced him open, his skin began to smoke as if he were on fire.

Remembering the words of the angered Deity, Edward began to search for cover from the burning sun.  The light of the new day was blinding him, as he writhed in agony he spotted an opening in the hillside above him.  He clamored to scale the incline as his skin began to burn, with his last ounce of strength he reached the cavern and pulled himself inside, crawling into the darkness to further the distance between him and the burning rays of the sun.  As he lay in the damp, cold cavern he began to feel the pain ease, recovering from the effects of the sun Edward found sleep.

When he awoke, he was surrounded by darkness, he crept toward the opening of the cavern, cautious to assure there was no sun, the only light was the full moon above lying in a blanket of stars.  He stepped onto the ledge and began to examine his wounds, to his surprise, there were none.

He sat, legs dangling from the large boulder on which he had perched and began to realize the meaning of the curse that the Deity had cast upon him.  Edward would become the first of his kind, what we know today as “Vampire”.


Once again Christian stopped his tale, slowly breaking his distant gaze to hang his head, his long flowing locks hiding his face.  Adrian sat quietly trying to digest his last few words, she glanced toward him, her eyes prying, trying to see the expression that his face held.

The tale that Christian had shared sat eerily well with her, though the content was definitely a lot for her to consume, everything in her soul  knew that what he had said was truth.  As his words reached her ears she could see the events as he described them, not because he was telling the tale but because it filled in the missing pieces of her dream.  It was as if the dream were occurring in harmony with his tale.  Adrian realized that they had been sitting in silence for some time and became uncomfortable as she wondered to herself if Christian had been waiting for a response from her.

A closer look as Jacques de St. Germain Part II

So, we started with St. Germain supposedly having been born in 1712, though there is indication that Germain could have been in his mid forties at this same time, we will continue by using the date as 1712 as his assumed “birth date”.   We have explored documentation, description and known locations of  St. Germain up until 1820.  Now we will examine documentation that falls after this date.

Between the years of 1880-1900, two references to St. Germain had been documented.  The Theosophical Society, founded by and including a famous mystic by the name of Helena Blavatsky in 1882, claimed that St. Germain was alive and well and was working toward the spiritual development of the west.  She also claimed that St. Germain belonged to a race of immortals which lived somewhere north of the Himalayas.

The Theosophical Society was originally established in New York in 1875 before Blavatsky would established the international headquarters outside of the suburbs of Madras where is still stands today.  In 1886 Blavatsky fell very ill and was near to death, but made an astounding recovery, I surmise that this may be the specific time when Germain was said to have been in the area, there is said to be a genuine photo still in existence of Germain and Blavatsky together.  Blavatsky was said to have moved to London immediately after her recovery.

In 1897, a famous french singer by the name of Emma Calve, was said to have had an affair with St. Germain.  A autographed self portrait that she had gifted to Germain is also still in existence.

In 1902 a flamboyant man in his mid forties that went by the name of Jacques St. Germain moves into a prestigious building on the corner of Royal and Ursuline.  Jacques was said to have migrated from France.  His introduction in to New Orleans society was in the form of a large party.  Amongst the attendees were dignitaries, politicians and the most elite that New Orleans had to offer.  Jacques fed his guest on the finest of china and silverware, though he himself did not eat.  This was said to have offended the attendees, though he was in possession of more wealth than most of society, he was not accepted by them.  Jacques maintained a low profile, other than his nightly appearances on Bourbon street until one night when he picked up a young woman and brought her home with him.  Later that evening the girl was found screaming in the street, both legs broken.  She was discovered by the police who took her in to file a report.  The girl claimed that while in Germain’s home she had leaned over to look at some items on his mantle, he then came at her with great force and speed and began biting her viciously on the neck.  At that moment there came a banging on the door, Germain had been distracted by friends that had come over to invite him out for a night of drinking.  The girl, instead of fleeing for the door, chose to jump from the balcony and onto the brick street below, breaking both legs in the fall.  When questioned by the police, Germain stated that the girl was drunk and had jumped from the window.  The police asked for Germain to come in to the station and make a full statement first thing in the morning.  Jacques never showed up the next day, when the police went to pay him a visit, Jacques and most of his belongings were gone.  The police report showed that blood stains were found throughout the home.  Upon further inspection they discovered there had been no food within the house, only a large collection wine glasses and bottles which appeared to hold red wine.  After having sampled the wine, it was determine to have been a mixture of red wine and blood.

In August of 1914, in the early days of WWI, two Bavarian soldiers captured a Jewish-looking French man who they reportedly claimed behaved and dressed in an odd manner.  After an all night interrogation the man stubbornly refused to give his name.  At sunrise it is reported that the prisoner became highly irritated and began to rant about the futility of war.  He was quoted as saying:  “Throw down your’ guns!”  “The war will end in 1918 with defeat of the German nation and her allies!”  One of the soldiers was said to have laughed at his rantings, however the other found his prophesies intriguing and allowed for him to continue.  The prisoner was then further quoted having said:  “Everyone will be a millionaire after the war!”  “There will be so much money that people will throw it from windows and no one will bother to pick it up.”  “After the confetti money will come the Anti-Christ.”  “A tyrant from the lower classes that will wear an ancient symbol.”  “He will lead Germany into another global war in 1939, but will be defeated 6 years later, after doing inhuman, unspeakable things!”  It was then reported that the Frenchman began to rant incoherently while crying and singing.  At this point the Soldiers determined that the man was insane and released him on his way where he would disappear into obscurity, again.

In 1926, Theosophist, C.W. Leadbeater, then President of the Theosophical Society claimed to have met with Germain in Rome.  Leadbeater maintained that Germain had shown him a robe that had been previously owned by a Roman Emperor.  When Leadbeater inquired as to where Germain was residing, Germain responded that one of his residences was a castle in Transylvania.

So now we have traveled from 1712(?) to 1926 along the trail of documents throughout history that feature our Jacques de St. Germain.  I am looking forward to further researching this vampiric icon into current times!