The Parliament part I

The Parliament is the ruling body of the Vampire Nation.  There are eight member including Christian, all having equal authority in their positions.  Having selected elders that were known as great leaders, Christian and the other members of the Parliament were responsible for creating the laws that govern their race.  The first member that Christian would recruit was Lucas.

Lucas as a mortal was known as a Praetor, a high ranking official of Caesar Augustus’ military.  Lucas led many offensive for the ruler while having the responsibility of watching over Caesar as well as serving as a Judge in the high courts.  In a battle near Alexandria on September 2 31BC, just before the suicide of Anthony and Cleopatra, Lucas would find himself in battle with an elite force under direct order of Anthony himself.  This force was comprised of the descendents of Cain, a troop of Vampire that had pledged to protect both Anthony and Cleopatra in return for immunity of their coven as they would feed upon those who wandered into their territory just outside of the walls of Egypt.  Lucas and his men fought valiantly against the immortals, however most would lose their lives, many, to include Lucas would be turned as a result of being captured and identified as high ranking officials of Caesar.  Lucas would broker a deal between the clan and Caesar, similar to that of the original agreement between them and Anthony.  Having been known as a wise man, a diplomat and a fierce warrior and commander, Lucas soon gained the respect of many clans in the area and soon would find himself as an unofficial leader, a title that he would hold for several centuries before his encounter with Christian.

Isaac is another of the members of the Parliament.  Isaac was said to have been the domestic partner of the first Duke of Buckingham, George Villiers.  Villiers was publicly known to have been the lover of King James which was tolerated by Isaac for many years as the King continued to increase the levels of wealth, immunity and authority of Villiers.  Once Villiers, vampire, had accumulated an undeniable position of power, he would entrance the King nightly, draining him bit by bit.  Concern flushed over the royal court as the King’s health began to fail until his death in March of 1629.  Villiers would retain his political position while the throne would be assumed by King James’ son Charles.  Charles had resented Villiers for many years as the King showed more favor to the Duke than to his own heir.  Two attempts were made to remove the Duke from his position.  Amongst the turmoil, Villiers began to fear for the safety of his mate Isaac thus turning him so that he may have the abilities to defend himself in these troubled times.  Two years later the Duke was attacked while visiting a local pub.  His head was separated from his body leaving Isaac alone, but wealthy.  Isaac immediately left England and came to reside in the French territories where he would later meet with Christian in a land deal concerning a vinery.

Next, and perhaps the most elder of all member are Ruth and Naomi.  Ruth had begun her journey as the daughter-in-law to Naomi who’s blood line would result several generations later in creating the lineage of David.  This would also result in both Ruth and Naomi having been the ancestors of Joseph,  husband of May, Father to Jesus.

Both Ruth and Naomi had resided in Bethlehem until the land had been crippled by famine, when they would meet while they both relocated to Moab.  Naomi would lose her husband and two sons in the land, leaving her a widow alone with Ruth and two widowed daughter-in-laws.  Naomi had determined it best to return to Bethlehem, Ruth would also join her.  Naomi, now a bitter woman, intended to have Ruth wed her son Obed.  Once united, the family began their travels back to Bethlehem which unknown by them had been inhabited by Canaanites while the city was all but abandoned.  Canaanites were known to be one of the most pure breeds of the Vampire race.  One evening while Ruth was out gleaning the fields she was seduced by a vampire.  When Naomi realized that Ruth had not returned by such a late hour, she went into the fields to look for her.  Naomi would encounter the same vampire.  She and Naomi would remain in Bethlehem as members of the clan but would continue to watch over their family until the clan moved to the booming metropolis of Rome.

These are the first four members of the Parliament founded by Christian.  The remaining three members will be discussed in a following blog.  Stay tuned!