Another of my favorite section from “To be his Soulmate”

This section details how Christian came to be cursed, though I am not revealing the events that led up to this moment!  In this scene, Christian, once known in his mortal life as Edward, is sharing the tale of his life with Adrian, who is baffled as she has seen many of the events that he is describing in her dreams…………………


“Edward, in order to hold to his oath, continued to seek his revenge, taking the lives of men women and children alike in the name of his lost love.  One evening while he camped in the forest he saw a glowing figure as it approached from afar.  The bluish-white glow held his gaze as he knew it was not the glow of a torch signaling a lone rider.  As it neared, Edward saw that it was the form of a woman floating, not walking to him.  The figure stopped before him.  His heart was pounding, as he had never seen anything like it.  The woman held out her hands to him, as a Mother calling her child to her bosom.

“Edward, I have been watching you, and the path of blood that you have spilled.  I have come to you this night to tell you to end your quest.”  “I have heard your cries and felt your anger, your appetite for revenge is insatiable, you will never be vindicated through your actions.”  Edward rose to face the apparition and stammered “If you have been watching me, surely you know why I am on this quest.  You are demanding for me to spare the lives of the families that are responsible for murdering my Cassandra.  I have made an oath to the Gods and sealed it in blood, I will not stop until every name on my list has been eliminated, including the King!”

Edward, still fueled by grief, was furious that he was being told to abandon his revenge by a Deity that had surely not been watching over Cassandra on that fateful night. “You are here pleading your case for the guilty, but yet you allowed the deaths of innocents, you fell short of your tasks, at my hands they will all be punished.”  He said as he shook in anger.  The woman drew closer to Edward and now floated above him looking down into his face.

Her eyes began to pierce him to his soul “You dare to defy me mortal!  It is not your’ place to determine punishment, you too have slaughtered innocents, we have watched you from above and have allowed you to act upon your’ anger for far too long.  You have grown cold and have tarnished your own soul and now are defying me.  For this I am placing upon you a curse, you shall never again walk in daylight, you will live all days and helplessly watch your own loved ones die less you bestow your’ curse upon them.  Your’ appetite for blood will now become your’ sustenance.   This, Edward is your’ sentence, and it will be upheld until I determine you have paid in full!”

He was angered by her words, which further infuriated the Deity.  Her soft features turned into a scowl as she descended upon him like a bolt of lightning to initiate her curse.   Edward felt his soul being ripped from his body as she ascended back from where she had come.

He fell to his knees emptied, he felt the urge to cry out, but could not.  He lay where he fell for the remainder of the night searching for sleep that did not come.  As the night skies began to give way to the dawning sun, Edward began to feel ill, the brighter the skies became the more ill he felt.  It was as if his blood were boiling, the first beams of light began to filter through the trees above, Edward struggled to get to his feet, as he did, he stood up into a ray of light.  The pain was excruciating, it felt as if a burning  sword had sliced him open, his skin began to smoke as if he were on fire.

Remembering the words of the angered Deity, Edward began to search for cover from the burning sun.  The light of the new day was blinding him, as he writhed in agony he spotted an opening in the hillside above him.  He clamored to scale the incline as his skin began to burn, with his last ounce of strength he reached the cavern and pulled himself inside, crawling into the darkness to further the distance between him and the burning rays of the sun.  As he lay in the damp, cold cavern he began to feel the pain ease, recovering from the effects of the sun Edward found sleep.

When he awoke, he was surrounded by darkness, he crept toward the opening of the cavern, cautious to assure there was no sun, the only light was the full moon above lying in a blanket of stars.  He stepped onto the ledge and began to examine his wounds, to his surprise, there were none.

He sat, legs dangling from the large boulder on which he had perched and began to realize the meaning of the curse that the Deity had cast upon him.  Edward would become the first of his kind, what we know today as “Vampire”.


Once again Christian stopped his tale, slowly breaking his distant gaze to hang his head, his long flowing locks hiding his face.  Adrian sat quietly trying to digest his last few words, she glanced toward him, her eyes prying, trying to see the expression that his face held.

The tale that Christian had shared sat eerily well with her, though the content was definitely a lot for her to consume, everything in her soul  knew that what he had said was truth.  As his words reached her ears she could see the events as he described them, not because he was telling the tale but because it filled in the missing pieces of her dream.  It was as if the dream were occurring in harmony with his tale.  Adrian realized that they had been sitting in silence for some time and became uncomfortable as she wondered to herself if Christian had been waiting for a response from her.

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