The Parliament Part II

So far we have discussed the first five members of the parliament:  Christian, Lucas, Isaac, Ruth and Naomi.  The remaining members are as follows:

Frederick is the youngest member of the parliament.  He is more modern than the previously discussed members, with a reputation of being known as somewhat of a playboy.

Frederick, in the early 1600’s had spent several weeks at a local brothel in Portsmouth before joining the crew of a British merchant ship bound for the Caribbean Island of Nevis.  The tale of Captain Wheelers’ Cormorant is now a well known legend.

On the evening of   June 15, 1607 another of the crew had boarded the ship after having been bitten by a female vampire.  Captain Wheeler’s journal describes the events on board until at he, one of the last to have been attacked, had succumbed to the entire crew of vampires.  On the morning of September 20, the ship of vampires cruised into the harbor of Nevis.   When boarded by the harbor master the Captain and crew were no where to be found.  The harbor master sent for more men to help him search the large ship.  Once below, the entire crew were discovered in the ships’ cargo bay.  The harbor master’s men assumed that the men were all dead.  As more support was brought in later that afternoon to begin unloading the supposed corpses they would discover that the crew was indeed, not dead.  The vampires fed well on the men and fled the ship to populate the Caribbean Islands and thus the new world.  Frederick, amongst the vampires, would spend several years in the islands until joining the crew of another merchant ship that would sail into the Gulf of Mexico.  Frederick would homestead in the Southern-most edge of Louisiana, relocating in the early 1700’s as the French Quarter of New Orleans was established.

The final two members of the parliament are William and Thomas, brothers at their mortal birth.  Thomas takes upon himself to monitor exposure to his race by observing those that would draw attention to themselves.  William is more rooted in upholding the general laws of the Vampire nation and is frequently involved when an offender is brought before Parliament.  Set in the old ways, William is quick to pass judgement on those that do not obey the laws set forth for all vampire.

Their turning also involves a ship.  As members of the Queens’ royal navy, Thomas and William were well traveled men.  In the late 12th century the Queen had sent her royal navy to investigate wild reports of the dead rising and attacking villagers near the Port of Venezia.  The Queen’s court had heard several stories brought back to them by the captains and crews of local trade ships upon their return.  Intrigued by the tales of revenants, The Queen sent Thomas and William to investigate the wild tales as she desired first hand information.

The ship sailed into the Port of Venezia and docked with intentions of remaining for several weeks.  Once on shore the crew of the bulking beast would soon grow unimpressed with the primitive notions that the region had to offer.  One evening the crew, drunken with rum decided  to begin robbing the surrounding towns and villages, stashing their booty within the hull of the ship.  One evening the crew happened upon a stately home built high upon a mountain ridge.  The crew, under the cloak of darkness, would enter the estate and rob it of all valuables that they came across.  The thieves returned to the ship just before sunrise and stashed their loot.  The owner of the estate, an elder vampire, returned home as the same time to discover that his valuables had been taken and his beautiful home ram-sacked.  The Vampire was furious and immediately knew that the foreign ship docked in the harbor, held his valuables.

The following evening, just after sunset, the enraged vampire boarded the ship and fed well upon those responsible for the theft, taking several of the crew captive and ordering them to return his possessions to his estate.  Among the captives were Thomas and William.  For years the vampire would torment the remaining mortal survivors of his raid as he held them prisoner.  After some time the Vampires’ rage began to subside.  He began to converse with Thomas and William about the distant land of England as he had become stagnant in his location and desired to experience foreign lands.  William and Thomas became advisors to the Vampire and would later be turned by him to protect them from plagues that were presently ravaging the land.  Soon after, William and Thomas would gather a crew and sail their maker into England.

Thomas and William would remain loyal servants to their maker for many years until the vampire decided to relocate back to his original estate as he felt that he had experienced enough of the modern world.  The brothers would remain in England for the remainder of the century then would assume the last names of Carter before moving to New Orleans Louisiana.