Another teaser from “To be his Soulmate”

Upon their approach to the front steps, they could see scattered bodies on the lawn, covered by blood soaked white linens.   She reached to take Christian’s hand squeezing it tightly in an attempt to comfort him.  “I need to enter first, will the council allow that?” she asked.  “If that is the way it has to be, yes”  “Driver, please alert the other cars that Miss Adrian needs to be the first to enter the estate.”  The driver nodded in confirmation as he radioed the other cars which were all rolling to a stop at the main entrance.

Christian exited the car and stood gawking in disbelief at the scene that lay out before him.  The other members of the council, all having exited their cars stood staring in disbelief as well.  They began to swallow the magnitude of their surroundings.  The Council approached Christian and Adrian as she prepared to enter the building.  The remaining security force lined the steps as Adrian began to walk towards the doorway.  She began to see the events of the previous evening unfold before her.

“They came from ground and air alike, both human and Vampire, every opening of the building was breached simultaneously” she walked through the door and stood between two bodies that lay on either side of the entrance.  “They were stunned, as they never heard the approach, nearly all of the security posted outside of the estate were dead by the time the doors swung open, without a moment to even prepare for their defense.  This one was able to radio the other guards before life left his body” she said as she pointed to the corpse on her right.  The council followed her every move as if she were a tour guide, and they the tourist.  She began to walk further into the building, having a similar layout of the estate outside of Grenoble.  She stopped in the center of the room and turned her attention to a closed door on her right.  Adrian felt as though she were in a vacuum, being sucked toward the door.  She proceeded and placed her hands on the cold thick wood, closing her eyes and concentrating on what information that it would reveal to her.  “The tip of the spear was here, he did not get everything that he came for” she said as she opened the door and walked in.  Behind the desk sat the Lord of the estate, less his head which sat facing the far left corner of the room, she stood still acknowledging both the body and its head.  Adrian was distracted by the gasps of horror emitted from members of the Council behind her.  Fighting to maintain her focus, she directed her attention to the headless body that occupied the chair before her. “He did not attempt to defend himself, he knew that he was going to die where he sat” she said as she moved forward through the room, she walked behind the desk and reached to touch the chair that the Lord sat in, Ruth gasped as she began to roll the chair from its position.  Lucas held up his hand to quiet her, as Adrian’s head jerked to her direction from the distraction.   A moment passed as Adrian redirected her attention to rolling the chair away from the desk.  Ruth and Naomi turned their heads away as the others in the group sat staring at the headless body.  Adrian now stood behind the desk, touching the desk lightly with her fingertips she began to describe the things that had happened in the room before the Lords’ head was separated from his body.  “There were three that came specifically for his head, they walked into the room arrogantly.”  “Without a word being spoken, the tall one drew his sword and removed his head” she mumbled as she stared through the door way.  She then turned her gaze to the floor beneath the desk and kneeled to pull away the rug, Christian and Lucas walked behind the desk to see what it was that had captured her attention.  As the floor beneath the desk was now exposed, she ran her fingers over the cold wood planks and at once pushed down upon one of the boards causing a panel beneath the desk to open, she reached into the hole and retrieved some documents and a disk……….

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