All things gore Halloween 2013

October has been a busy month for the Adrian Trilogy!  First a guest appearance on Whispers in the Dark, blog talk radio with Viktor Aurelius alongside William Rigler, another well noted Vampire writer.  William was spotlighted in the first hour of the show to promote his novel- Terror’s Taste, he then was gracious enough to stay on live for the second hour of the show where he, Viktor Aurelius, Jeff Niles and myself talked Vampire lore and legend.  Two of my favorite topics were discussed- The legend and history of Lilith, thought by many to have been the mother of the vampire race, and Jacques de St. Germain, A well known legend that spans historical documents and legend from the year 1213 until possibly early in the 2000’s.  Those of you who are not familiar with their backgrounds can find several blogs here on my site where they have been referenced.  A Fang-tastic show it was!

As many of you know, I’ve just returned from Orlando Florida where my publisher, DonnaInk publishing llc sponsored myself as well as Whispers in the Dark talk show for the entire event.  We were able to air two live shows and had some fantastic guests!  Our brilliant and fantastic photographer, Jared Brown, shot several videos and took hundreds of awesome photos which can be viewed on my official facebook page,  I met so many cool folks there and saw so many goulishly goresome costumes!  It was Halloween Heaven!  Book sales were great as myself and Michael Leonard, author of Ryva, the Plight of the Fairies, stole the show with new followers and purchases.  Kudos to DonnaInk Publishing for providing the platform!

Halloween night, I was sponsored for a local meet & greet/book signing by Monty’s Bistro in down town Hammond LA.  Monty and his staff were great to work with.  Though there was time for little planning, the event went well, the food was great and my wine glass remained full!  I was able to have a couple of conversations with some locals in reference to other vampire legends that they requested me to research for future blogs, some sound really good!  The evening seemed to fly by as I was able to spend time with some wonder folks and some very dear friends.  Though the weather was dreary, the atmosphere was electric!  The remainder of my inventory was exhausted at this last minute home town event!  Thanks Marty for the invite, looking forward to next time!  Those of you lucky enough to have purchased the pre-gallery release, hold on to them, they may just become collector’s items in the near future!  for those of you who didn’t have the opportunity, I will have 20 more in my possession in a week or so, act fast if you want one, they won’t last long!


With November now under way, I am planning a couple more local events, one of which is the official book launch.  I am confirming dates, times and locations presently, both myself and my Publisher will announce more details in the coming days!


On Monday, I will resume my regular blog schedule.  I will continue to post “snip-its” of the book along with the character backgrounds until the book launch.  To be his Soulmate is available as a pre-sale on, Click the “about” tab, go to “authors” and find me!


Vampire Kisses!

Lyn Gibson