Author Lyn Gibson announced completion of the Adrian Trilogy!

Author Lyn Gibson announced the completion of her recently contracted vampire series, The Adrian Trilogy.

Visit the publisher at: Gibson, a noted Vampire Historian, has based her Series in the New Orleans area and has masterfully woven local legend and lore into the basis of the novels.  As a guest at the recent Spooky Empire Horror convention in Orlando Florida, Gibson recognized phenomenal book sales during a pre-galley release of the first installment of the Trilogy, To Be His Soulmate.

“The adult public has been hungry for a realistic characterization of the Vampire,” Gibson states.  “The watered-down, PG-13 version of the Vampire has left readers unenthused.”  “The Adrian Trilogy depicts these ancient creatures in their true nature; Vicious and malevolent yet graceful with wisdom and cunning that they have acquired throughout centuries of existence” she adds.

Gibson, Recently dubbed the new Anne Rice by DonnaInk Publications sponsored radio program, “Whispers in the Dark.

“To be his Soulmate is the base of the Trilogy,” Gibson stated.

“There is a fantastic back story for each of the characters before the actual tale even begins.”

Pre-galley book reviews tag the series as a “must read” stating that the plot and characters are realistic and that the reader is hooked immediately to the plot. The books are available at my publisher website: as well as all other national and international venues.

Composed by Ms. Lyn Gibson. . .

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