Ramblings from a twisted mind…..

1                 What exactly is it that causes one to have a slightly darker view than others? How   does one distinguish between the sincerely twisted and the moderately warped individual?   Such queries could render even the most logical of folks stricken by a  paranoia fueled  frenzy!  I, myself one that embraces the bizarre and gruesome, find humor in and am intrigued by things that others deem to be mentally, spiritually and psycholgically damaging.  My response, “Like sheep, they wear their blinders, content in the world that exists only within their own minds, such cramped confines!”  With that being said, I offer some old adages from a new perspective for you to consider.                       “Never judge a book by it’s cover” A quote that all of us have heard throughout our lives.  Most would take the gem of advice as a suggestion, to assume the best of someone, but there are those of us that see it otherwise.  Those with a darker view see the suggestion having a slightly different twist for example: You must consider everyone to be as equally twisted as you are.                                                                                                                         “It takes one to know one” Once again, another quote familiar to all.  Most would see the quote as a defamatory statement when the warped individual sees it as an invitation:  Stare deeply into ones’ eyes, if he stares back, he is a kindred soul;  If he flinches and looks away, he is the sheep in blinders.
The clothes make the man” suggests that when an average person sees a man in a business suit, he is to assume the man to be a professional businessman.  To that I say HA! and retort with another adage, Never Assume!  For those of you that choose to wear the blinders, I propose that the man in the business suit is likely harboring his  own demented persona.
The fact of the matter is, there are many individuals that possess a darker inclination, a perception that originates from a plane that can not be accessed or comprehended by most.  They are your Doctors and lawyers, your CPA and your pool guy.  They live amongst you, they interact with you and they watch you.

                Have you found that you can identify with the alternative definitions of the adages above?  Are you having an awakening?  What will your friends and family think?!  It’s fine, don’t panic!  No one has to know!  Now it is time for you to nurture your inner darkness, begin by experiencing the Adrian Trilogy, Volume I: To be his Soulmate, is now available at www.DonnaInk.org.                     Volume I is the basis and foundation of a thrilling erotic horror trilogy that will introduce and submerse the reader  into a darker realm; A realm where the vampires no longer hide within the shadows, no longer are they absent from society.  A place and time not so different from our own…….