7 days until “V” Day!

thisone     Heads up Guys!  You have 7 days to get your’ act together.  It’s the same day every year, February 14th is Valentine’s Day.

This year don’t get caught in line at the drug store with the rest of the “Chodes” throwing together a “gift” for your’ ladies!  Here’s the perfect surprise for your’ Vampire lover!

This years Sexiest Vampire Romance, “To be his Soulmate” is available at Amazon  and DonnaInk Publications websites.


Check out these recent reviews:


Kim says: “I was unable to put it down. Was very addicting. It was a new take on southern vampires. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Tkenyon said: “This book is so beautifully written that it draws you into their time and space. I couldn’t put it down. It has intrigue, passion, drama and a unique perspective on the paranormal world of the vampire in our everyday lives . It is definately an adults only book . I can’t wait for the sequel ! Don’t miss out on this one !”

Deseret Hatcher raves: “Lyn Gibson gives it to us with no holds barred in this sensual and did I say sensual erotic vampire tale. The Adrian Trilogy is destined for success. The characters are modern and believable – they use cell phones and iPads, they travel by jet and they have a true lust for flesh.”

Wanda H. had this to say: ”It was nice to get away from the real world and get away to something intriguing and sexy. I would think about it even after I had put it down. The TV and movie series are all watered down and made for teens. I liked To Be His Soulmate better than some of Anne Rice’s books.”

Susie Cambe was quoted as saying: “Lyn Gibson is a mesmerizing writer. As a writer, she successfully takes you where she wants you to journey deep within a dark world, living in the shadows of the moss-strewn Deep South. Her characters develop a strong relationship with the reader and continue from book to book in her trilogy. Gibson’s books are captivating to readers passionate about the horror genre, as well as college students and anyone brave enough to turn the pages of her books.”