The Loogaroo – A Caribbean Vampire Legend

loogaroo11    The Loogaroo, also known as a Soucouyant in other areas of the Caribbean, lives as an old woman on the outskirts of a village.  When darkness falls the Loogaroo sheds her wrinkled skin and flies through the night sky as a fireball, hunting for her next victim.  In this form the Loogaroo may enter the home of her victim through any crack or crevice, even a keyhole.

When the Loogaroo chooses her prey she will feed from them while they sleep; if she takes too much blood and kills her victim it is said that if the victim does not turn into a Loogaroo himself then he will perish, leaving his killer to inhabit his skin.

The Loogaroo is said to practice witchcraft and or Voodoo, any of her victims’ blood that is not consumed or used in black art rituals is said to be traded to Bazil (a demon known to reside in the silk cotton tree) for evil powers.

In order to expose the Loogaroo, villagers would place a pile of rice at the village crossroads; the Loogaroo would be obligated to gather each grain (much like the European legends).  The villagers when then destroy the Loogaroos’ skin with salt while she was consumed by her task.


Author Lyn Gibson's, "To Be His Soulmate"


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