DonnaInk author Lyn Gibson interviewed by the Baton Rouge Advocate

faveHAMMOND — Less than 24 hours after receiving the first shipment of “Adrian’s Fury,” Lyn Seal Gibson watched the books disappear before her eyes.

The book is the second in the “Adrian Trilogy,” a vampire series that has many Tangipahoa residents and others talking — about vampires.

“I’m so excited that I am actually numb,” the horror writer, who lives in Independence, said of the success of her second book. “I’m actually at a loss for words to explain how I feel.”

Gibson, an enthusiast for all things paranormal, is well versed in local legend and folklore and was first drawn to pen “To Be His Soulmate,” the first installment of the Adrian Trilogy, which hit bookstores and online retailers in 2012.

“There is no place on Earth richer in paranormal activity. It’s all just a part of our daily lives here,” Gibson said.

Her books blend modern-day events with history and legend and capture both the seductive and the malevolent characteristics of the vampire while giving the tale an insightful yet gory twist, the publisher’s website states.

“Lyn Seal Gibson is a mesmerizing writer,” said Susie Cambre, a journalist and archivist for the Surviving Katrina-Rita Project for the U.S. Library of Congress and the University of Houston, during a phone interview following the release of Gibson’s first book.

“As a writer, she successfully takes you where she wants you to journey deep within a dark world, living in the shadows of the moss-strewn Deep South. Her characters develop a strong relationship with the reader and continue from book to book in her trilogy,” Cambre said.

“The character development is good, and it flows very well,” said Charles Genovese, of Independence, during a phone interview.

Genovese is a doctor who lives in Independence. He was given an early copy of her latest book to review.

He said he read “To Be His Soulmate” in three days and immediately began the second, an unusual occurrence for Genovese, who said he doesn’t generally read novels.

After reading the first book, “It’s like, oh my God, I can’t wait to read the second one,” he said. “I couldn’t put it down.”

The trilogy’s popularity is reaching far beyond the borders of Tangipahoa Parish, and Gibson has amassed fans as far away as Turkey, she said. Gibson said her publisher confirmed recently that she has more than 48,000 followers on her WordPress blog as well as on Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Google and Twitter.

Gibson now has more than 8,000 followers on her Facebook page.

The series, Gibson said, is based in the north shore area of Lake Pontchartrain, and many well-known landmarks are mentioned throughout the books.

The Adrian Trilogy is not for teenagers, however, as it does not include sparkling, lovelorn adolescent creatures, said Cambre, a grandmother of 13.

“If you want to find Gibson’s vampires, you’ll have to venture into authentic old museums, ancient scrolls and the real tales our ancestors shared with history,” Cambre said.

“She weaves her dark world with both imagination and the dust of old vaults and historic archives,” she said.

Gibson gives some of the credit for the book’s success to her publisher, D.L. Quesinberry, CEO, President and Founder of DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C..

Gibson has been busy promoting her book. In addition to being a DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. author, she also is a national radio personality and a historian of vampire legend and lore.

Following the launch of her first book, Gibson began writing blogs. She has been interviewed on several talk radio programs and attends the annual “Spooky Empire” horror convention in Orlando, Florida. She is currently making appearances in Hammond and Mississippi, where she was born and raised.

Gibson’s next local appearance is Oct. 11 at Linda’s Toy Box, 14306 W. University Ave., Hammond, where she will meet with fans and sign copies of her latest book.

To incite more interest in the trilogy, Gibson said, her husband will bring along a dragster he custom designed that bears Adrain Trilogy logos.

“That’s his way of getting involved in the books,” Gibson said.

The third book, which has been finished for more than a year, will be released in December, she said.

“People actually love the books and are beating me to death for the next one,” Gibson said.

The popularity of the trilogy has encouraged Gibson to release her fourth book, a compilation of short stories, in the spring.

“This is like creep show,” Gibson said of the book of short stories.

To learn more about the trilogy, visit https://authorlyngibson. ink-publications/page/6/.


Visit the publisher for major discounts from retailers.

Visit the publisher for major discounts from retailers.