Tangi Lifestyles reviews Lyn Gibsons’ “To Be His Soulmate”

Slide1To be His Soulmate

a novel by local writer Lyn Gibson

review by Sarah Tindall


  Steamy, Steamy!


Ladies, if you want something to keep you warm while the weather (finally) cools off, I’ve got just the book for you.  Local writer Lyn Gibson has conjured up a love story that has all the trappings of a sultry romance novel- oh and vampires!

That’s right.  To Be His Soulmate is set in Tangipahoa Parish. but the setting also includes New Orleans, France, Los Angeles and even the east coast.  In it, a working gal named Adrian finds her life upended when she finds herself bemused by a stranger on a work trip to the Big Easy.  Later, over dinner, he tells her his story-and she is amazed to discover that it is her story too.

She met him in a past life, and the two were star-crossed lovers-but as a result of her tragic, untimely death, he is made vampire and has spent centuries amassing an empire in the dark and waiting to find her again.

It’s the stuff romance novels are made of, but it’s fun that this one is set in our backyard.  The characters are appealing, and the story is not predictable.  The book begins a trilogy- its antecedents are Adrian’s Fury and Adrian’s Legacy, so it would be fun if you love this book to read the next two in the series to see how things turn out for these two soul mates.

fave   Word of warning-this is not meant for young readers.  The love scenes are graphic and plentiful (Think 50 Shades of Gray) but as long as you’re ready for that it is a story that will haunt you until you finish it.  It’s great to know that Gibson has turned her hand to writing after a successful career in real estate.  These novels are an interesting read and use South Louisiana as their backdrop – think towering oaks and trips to visit the Voodoo priestess-with sprinklings of private jet trips to the south of France and other interesting spots along the East and West coasts.

  To Be His Soulmate is a fun read, it will take you on flights of fantasy and keep you turning the pages, eagerly anticipating what will happen next for this dynamic duo.



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