DonnaInk Pulications Author Lyn Gibson interviewed by the Examiner

8aecc1aae8086fbecbc1715f893b576fSouthern author/vampire

historian Lyn Seal Gibson

shares dark side of romance


When author Lyn Seal Gibson enters a room, she draws attention without saying a word. Her striking cotton white hair and pale eyes assure those watching that she is someone of note. Once she is revealed as the author of the vampire horror novels To Be His Soulmate and Adrian’s Fury, her domination of the room is complete.

Gibson has been writing since childhood, when her dark poetry caused the adults around her to wonder about her spooky, eerie fantasies. Since then, she’s grown into a woman of many interests, including a talent for writing supernatural romances. She began writing her first book in her early twenties, but “life just got in the way,” she says. Her serious journey into writing began in 2012.

“I put my foot down and said ‘This has been in my mind long enough now. I have to get it out.’” With fervent dedication, she wrote every night after 9 p.m. until she got the first book finished. Now she’s dealing with multiple story ideas and working on her fifth and sixth books.

As she works, she switches between the books when she gets stuck on one. “It’ll just come to you when you stop thinking about it,” she chuckles. “The answer will come to you as to what’s supposed to happen next.”

Her third book, the conclusion of the Adrian Trilogy, is due out in December, in time for Christmas giving if all goes according to plan. Number four is a PG-13 novel, a solution to a dilemma she’s encountered at events. Her initial novels are adult fare, erotic supernatural tales geared toward mature readers. The titles and cover art, however, attract younger readers enamored with the Twilight series.

“I won’t sell my books to anyone under 18,” she says, citing their erotic content. So her fourth book will cater to those readers thirteen and over who enjoy horror, and will also appeal to adults.

Gibson credits Anne Rice and William Peter Blatty, among others, with inspiring her interest in writing horror. She credits her husband with motivating her by allowing her the freedom to write as she desires, without restraint or censure.

The Deep South holds many secrets, and the moss-draped oaks shroud mysteries of many kinds. For Gibson, the challenge comes in sharing the darker stories of the area with accuracy and she has become renowned as a vampire historian. She’ll be delivering her brand of Southern horror at Spooky Empire in Orlando, October 24-26, 2014, as she signs copies of her first two books and whets appetites for the third one.

To Be His Soulmate and Adrian’s Fury by Lyn Seal Gibson

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