The Medieval Vampire

Author Lyn Gibson    The “18th century Vampire Conspiracy” is said to have ignited the basis of the modern era Vampire.  Though we know from previous blogs, there are other examples of documentation that exist from before the Bible was ever penned.  Nevertheless, there was a frenzy of Vampire sightings during this era in and near Transylvania, resulting in frequent stakings and grave diggings.  The panic began as an outbreak of vampire attacks occurred in East Prussia in 1721 which  spread to outlying regions up until 1734.

Two famous vampire cases, which were the first to be officially recorded, involved the corpses of Peter Plogojowitz and Arnold Paole from Serbia. Plogojowitz was reported to have died at the age of 62, but allegedly returned after his death asking his son for food. When the son refused, he was found dead the following day. Plogojowitz soon supposedly returned and attacked some neighbours who died…

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