When your nightmare is validated!

berwick    I am about to divulge a little known fact in reference to my new release “Short & Gory”.

Two of the stories in the book are based upon my own nightmares.  One of them, “By Pen and Ink” is where I met this guy to the left.  Imagine my surprise when I ran across this photo and video.

In my dream this demon was identified as a “Writer” you must actually read the story to understand the basis of his “writing”.  However, I will       cast a brief synopsis:

There are those amongst us that are born unto us only for a short while.  It is within their “life span” that they are placed here to observe so that they may prepare for their ultimate purpose in the “afterlife”.

The preface of the story is that not all death is predetermined; it is sometimes based upon the actions of and denials by the individual.  Further yet, many of us are born with alternative fates; it is up to us to direct our path therefore selecting the destiny that will befall us.

In the story “By Pen and Ink”  The main character has battled since birth with a deadly ability.  Initiated by rage, the character pens a violent death of the one that provokes him.  The fate of the victim is then immediately set in motion.

As the character has come of age, his time of observation is complete; he is then introduced to the “Writers” in his own nightmares.  The “Writers” in my story are demons that work tirelessly within the realms of Hell to scribe the most gruesome of fates for their victims.

Now that you have an idea of the back story for “By Pen and Ink” I will also share THIS!


On the above video there are three separate incidents where this being has been captured on film; all are in different geographical locations.  The first segment is from an area near Morgan City Louisiana.

As an Author having met this creature in my dreams as well as building a story based on my own interaction, I was floored to see actual footage of this beast and with that, I will remain mindful that I should not write while I am angry!