Haunted New Orleans – The Lalaurie Mansion

Famous New Orleans Haunts – The Lalaurie Mansion

LALAURIE HOUSE   It still stands today at 1140 Royal st. in New Orleans.  The Lalaurie mansion was constructed in 1832 by Doctor Louis Lalaurie and his wife Delphine.  Though the three story improvement is nothing spectacular from street view, the interior was designed to impress the most upper-crust of the elite that the Crescent city had to offer.

No expense was spared by the Lalaurie’s; skilled craftsmen labored mercilessly to hand carve faces and flora into the imported mahogany doors.  The decor of the interior would be accented by only the finest of Oriental silks and the most sought after art in the area.

The Lalaurie’s decadent lifestyle soon accelerated them into the height of New Orleans’ social circles.  Soon, the newest of the elite would begin hosting their own lavish dinner parties; only those within their newly found society would be found on the guest lists.  Delighted by the Lalaurie’s elaborate events, their guests became quickly blinded by the fact that there were still slaves within the household.  The upper-elite were a civilized brood, however, because of the Lalaurie’s new found status within their community, the slaves would be overlooked by them.  Delphine’s new peers saw her as a beautiful and intelligent woman, but there had been rumors of some odd happenings amongst her slaves.  There had been a previous occurrence where a young female slave had leaped from the roof to her death.  The rumor was that the young girl had been brushing Ms. Lalaurie’s hair and hit a snag.  A neighbor reported seeing Madame Lalaurie chasing the girl down the hall from his window.  He reported that Delphine was swinging a whip after her.

The rumors would all come to an end suddenly, but the truth behind them would be difficult for the New Orleans socialites to bear.

On April 10th 1834 a fire broke out at the Lalaurie Mansion.  The Fire Crews responded immediately as the Lalaurie’s were well known and respected members of the community.  The flames were quickly doused and the home experienced only minimal damages.  It was after the smoke cleared that the most gruesome of discoveries would rock New Orleans.

Members of the Fire Crew carefully made their way through the home, inspecting for any signs of damage that would render the structure unsound.  All was well until the Crew reached the attic.

The walls were lined with slaves, chained in place.  Some were alive, some had been dead for quite some time.  Upon closer examination, the Crew was exposed to atrocities that no man should ever have to endure.  Some of the slaves were found with their lips sewn shut, others were found hanging from their wrists with their own intestines tied neatly around their torso.  Others had been experimented on by breaking and resetting bones in their legs and arms; they were said to resemble crabs.  Some had odd limbs stitched onto their bodies, the spare limbs lay scattered about on the attic floor amongst them.

The slaves had endured the most evil of tortures at the hands of Madame Lalaurie.  It was in fact rumored to be a slave that had started the fire in a failed suicide attempt; she was found permanently chained to the kitchen stove.

After having combed the house and grounds thoroughly for remains, with the addition to accounts of missing slaves, it is said that Delphine Lalaurie took somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 lives.


As you could imagine, there are likely many angry spirits that haunt the Lalaurie mansion.  Many occurrences have been reported in both the house and about the grounds.  Guests have reported being touched, seeing orbs and shadow people, hearing voices and screams.  EVPs have been recorded on site along with cold spots and apparitions.


The Jumlin – A Vampire Legend from the Cherokee Nation

Author Lyn Gibson

indian          The Jumlin is widely referred to within the Cherokee Nation as the father of vampires.  His Legend is as follows:

There was once a wise Medicine Man who was married to a woman named Laughing Sky.  The Medicine Man loved his wife but unfortunately Laughing Sky was barren.  He prayed many times to the Great Spirit but to no avail.  Out of grief and frustration, the Medicine Man turned to the dark arts and summoned a demon, which promised him many healthy offspring; the demons’ name was Jumlin.    When the Demon materialized he possessed the Medicine Man and transformed him into a bloodthirsty beast, which craved human flesh.

The demon kept his word, Laughing Sky bore many healthy offspring, however the possessed Medicine Man did not stop with his wife; he in turn found great pleasure in raping the other women of the village who also bore his…

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7 destinations for the Vampire hunter

7 destinations for the Vampire hunter.

7 destinations for the Vampire hunter

Author Lyn Gibson

We all know that each continent has it’s own unique history when it comes to legends of the undead.  Many legends, especially those that originate in Mesopotamia, are thousands of years old.  What havoc the undead must have wreaked upon the land for their legends to endure until this day!   Centuries have passed and history has added many locales that are rich in Vampire history.  Below are some well known Vampire havens, planned future destinations for your’ truly!

1010098_10151969800938660_1900552835_n                                                      The Paris Catacombs

These “mass ossuaries” were created in the 18th century as a response to the overwhelming outbreak of plague.  The State Council ordered all bones to be excavated from Paris cemeteries in order to relocate them underground within the limestone caverns beneath the city.  The…

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The Examiner Review of “To Be His Soulmate” (Volume I of “The Adrian Trilogy”)

TBHS REVIEW  To Be His Soulmate by Lyn Gibson

   Author Lyn Gibson leads off her Adrian Trilogy with a sexy, sassy paranormal introduction. To Be His Soulmate takes real estate broker Adrian Verrette on a dangerous journey into a world filled with vampires and intrigue.

Adrian possesses the gift of “sight,” a foreshadowing of events. The focus of her most recent visions just turned up near a company event and her world will never look quite the same again. His name is Christian and he claims to know her from a long time past. She is torn between the impossibility of his story by her world’s logic and the truth her heart speaks.

Gibson describes herself as a vampire historian. She’s done a lot of research into the paranormal world and it shows in her deft descriptions of Adrian’s beloved. Gibson avoids a lecturing style, and she includes information throughout the story in a natural way which doesn’t detract from the action or the building relationship. As someone who hails from the Deep South, where the paranormal runs rampant, Gibson doesn’t hesitate to use her Southern heritage to add dimension to her story.

Romance fans will find the courtship dance between mortal and vampire compelling. Animal lovers will adore Adrian’s Rottweiler, Oink. Paranormal fans will enjoy the attention to detail and the absence of throw-away magic to resolve plot problems. Gibson’s careful work leaves no such holes for garbage solutions. The story contains plenty of action for thriller fans, as well.

The series earns an R rating for some strong language, alcohol use, mature handling of sexual themes and several frankly erotic scenes. The characters are adults acting in adult ways. The very nature of a novel featuring vampires decrees plenty of violence. Gibson herself acknowledges the adult nature of the books and refuses to sell them to younger readers when she encounters them at book events.

To Be His Soulmate by Lyn Gibson

Available in print and electronic formats

Disclaimer: This review is based on a review copy provided by the author or publisher with no restrictions as to content. All opinions are my own.

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