The Examiner Review of “To Be His Soulmate” (Volume I of “The Adrian Trilogy”)

TBHS REVIEW  To Be His Soulmate by Lyn Gibson

   Author Lyn Gibson leads off her Adrian Trilogy with a sexy, sassy paranormal introduction. To Be His Soulmate takes real estate broker Adrian Verrette on a dangerous journey into a world filled with vampires and intrigue.

Adrian possesses the gift of “sight,” a foreshadowing of events. The focus of her most recent visions just turned up near a company event and her world will never look quite the same again. His name is Christian and he claims to know her from a long time past. She is torn between the impossibility of his story by her world’s logic and the truth her heart speaks.

Gibson describes herself as a vampire historian. She’s done a lot of research into the paranormal world and it shows in her deft descriptions of Adrian’s beloved. Gibson avoids a lecturing style, and she includes information throughout the story in a natural way which doesn’t detract from the action or the building relationship. As someone who hails from the Deep South, where the paranormal runs rampant, Gibson doesn’t hesitate to use her Southern heritage to add dimension to her story.

Romance fans will find the courtship dance between mortal and vampire compelling. Animal lovers will adore Adrian’s Rottweiler, Oink. Paranormal fans will enjoy the attention to detail and the absence of throw-away magic to resolve plot problems. Gibson’s careful work leaves no such holes for garbage solutions. The story contains plenty of action for thriller fans, as well.

The series earns an R rating for some strong language, alcohol use, mature handling of sexual themes and several frankly erotic scenes. The characters are adults acting in adult ways. The very nature of a novel featuring vampires decrees plenty of violence. Gibson herself acknowledges the adult nature of the books and refuses to sell them to younger readers when she encounters them at book events.

To Be His Soulmate by Lyn Gibson

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