The legend of the Dearg – Due

Author Lyn Gibson

DEARGDUEThe legend of the Dearg – Due began it’s circulation over 2000 years ago in European folklore.  The legend is based on the tale of a village beauty that was in love with a local peasant.  The maiden was known well throughout the village for her kind spirit and beauty.  The peasant man was a kind-hearted gentleman who possessed all attributes of a desirable mate, with the exception of wealth.

The maidens’ Father, who was known as a cruel man throughout the village, would never allow such a marriage to take place.  Instead he forced his daughter to marry a much older and crueler man than he so that he would gain more wealth by accepting her dowry.

While the father enjoyed his newly gained wealth, he gave not a second thought to his daughter who suffered daily with mental and physical tortures.  Her “husband” found pleasure in drawing blood…

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