To Be His Soulmate, by Lyn Gibson

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To Be His Soulmate, by Lyn Gibson ~ Join the Legacy, Feed the Fury, Be a Lyn Gibson Soulmate today . . .!

The publishing initiative is going to begin listing the series of locations to purchase titles in this format for readers and authors review. The first title represented is, “To Be His Soulmate,” by Lyn Gibson. This is Volume I of The Adrian Trilogy. This “where to purchase” is provided as a courtesy to readers / vendors – this title receives excellent reviews from readers throughdpInk, CreateSpace and AMAZON.

(NOTE: all sources cited below either purchase directly through the publisher or most often AMAZON. For print, the better purchase arenas to provide the author with greatest royalties include the following: 1) dpInk: DonnaInk Publications; 2) CreateSpace; 3) AMAZON.COM and in eBook: 1) Kindle; 2) Nook Press.

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