Vampire Legend and Lore in a Modern Sanguianrian Reality

The Adrian Trilogy,” by Lyn Gibson is a three-part fictional account of the vampire legend experienced through the life of a modern-day warrioress ~ once real estate practitioner, Adrian. Her long-standing lucid dreams continuously elicit an epic figure in the form of Christian who is an eight-pack wielding hunk of manhood with a taste for blood and all-things Sanguianrian. Christian works to keep Adrian untainted by his malady but love and lust turn the tide of time to their both being immortals. Of course, their communications are full of passion and play before and after Adrian gets bit.

As a reader though, you might ask . . . what is Sanguinarism? 

sanguinarian-vampire-awakening-i4That is a great question.

Sanguinarians are human beings with a compulsion, or need, to consume blood. While in “To Be His Soulmate,” the narrative explains that due to his loss of his true love, Christian is destined to a life of damnation as a vampire. The story also shares that the act of consumption of blood is not distasteful to the Sanguinarian. In fact, it is definitely a need to ensure immortality and once again gain access to his formerly lost love . . . Adrian.

In today’s world, there are entire communities of Sanguinarians that really exist! These people believe they have debilitating issues “if” they don’t have a regular blood intake. And, many claim they are, in fact, the “true vampires.”

So what happens to them physiologically if they don’t consume blood?
stat6There is a theory that there is a genetic basis for the condition of Sanguinarianism. And, symptoms involve autoimmune deficiencies, emotional distress, fatigue, headaches, frequent illness, muscle and joint pain, rage, and other issues that are not defined by any “other” disease. The interesting element is that these individuals have instant relief by drinking blood. Some Sanguinarians report that they suffered for years with symptoms that baffled modern medicine and with a blood-consumption – they experience almost instant relief.

Is there actually a beast inside the Sanguinarian ready to explode onto the scene at clubs and bars throughout the world?

The individuals who suffer from what they describe as an “undisclosed disease” state that their awakening process may involve blood rages, which they refer to as Twoffing being overwhelmed by blood deprivation), yet . . . they also have curative blood provisions and very scientific underpinnings to their consumption of blood through regulated resources. In other words, they have medical blood treatments.

What about supernatural powers?

There are “some” Sanguinarians who suggest they do have enhanced mental and physical capabilities after feeding. And, they do state photo-sensitivity is one of many ailments they suffer. Some do practice Wicca, spell-casting, old religions, etc.; however, most Sanguinarians state they are human like everyone else and just have a debilitating issue that requires blood for a cure.

Certainly, there is such a strong interest in vampires for many reasons – including the romance, sexuality and normally sensual nature of them in films in movies and books like, “The Adrian Trilogy.” This series certainly gets our blood boiling and entices readers to want more, which Lyn Gibson is very good at providing. So on behalf of Author Lyn Gibson, dpInk: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. is beginning this new series of posts regarding Vampire Legend and Lore in a Modern Sanguianrian Reality.

19771a0ffa27bd58da369f73eb29f103The Sanguinarians are the “first” group we are mentioning but there are others:

  • Energy Channelers,
  • Fairths,
  • Furries,
  • Hybrid Vampires,
  • Metahumans,
  • Otherkin,
  • PSI-Vamps,
  • True Vampires,
  • and etc.

Yes, there is more to the field of vampirism than fictional narratives . . . it appears some real creatures of the night knock at the door of our understanding. The publishing initiative hopes this series of short blog stories – presented bi-weekly – alongside Lyn’s normal posts will keep readers pinned to the edge of their seats as we learn more about vampires who claim to be the real deal!


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