The Dhampir

Author Lyn Gibson

dhampir        The legend of the Dhampir stretches back for centuries, its’ root hales from Balkan history, its’ name is thought to derive from the Albanian language where pire means “to drink” and dham means “teeth” thus Dhampir – to drink with ones teeth.

In the Balkans it was believed that male vampires have an insatiable lust for women, it is said that a male vampire will rise and seek out his widow or other female that he had been attracted to while mortal in order to have intercourse.  The offspring of the vampire/mortal union, the Dhampir, is born into the world without the weaknesses of his Vampire father, but inherits his Fathers’ inhuman strength and other vampiric characteristics.  There have been many recorded cases throughout Serbian history where a widow has claimed to have been impregnated by her deceased spouse.  The legend of the Dhampir was quite common in this…

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