Urban Legends of Louisiana – George Washington Carver High School

gwc1School days, school days, good old golden rule days!  Reading, writing and ‘rithmatic taught to the tune of a hickory stick!  The song brings back memories of book sacks and lunch boxes with the underlying dread of an upcoming spelling test.  Things weren’t that simple for the students of George Washington Carver High.

Though only standing today by the grace of God, God has nothing to do with what has and still is going on within this crumbling monument of suffering.  Opened in 1957 the school would only remain functional for 16 years before closing it’s doors in 1973.  GWC High was a school for segregated black children of all ages, complete with school colors (white and green) and a mascot (a hornet).  Things started out well but did not remain so for long.

Several children disappeared while attending the institution, it wasn’t until later that the facts were discovered.  Along with the missing girls was a Janitor that had been in the employ of the school system.  All evidence pointed to him as the abductor.  The girls had been tortured and molested before being  murdered.   As if the hauntings of these tormented girls was not enough to stir the legend, it is said that the main structure caught fire a few years after, also killing several of the students.

Today the building is said to be a meeting place for members of the occult.  Upon investigation by la local television station, a decapitated boar was found hanging just inside the door.  Pentagrams and other satanic emblems have been painted on the walls and floors, remnants of burned candles and other items accompany the damning evidence.

George Washington Carver High has been investigated many times by mediums, ghost hunters and other paranormal enthusiasts.  The results of the studies vary however there is always one similarity; each of them resulted in some type of paranormal activity or experiences.  Some of the things documented are; sounds of children screaming as well as odd noises emitting from a disembodied man.

Thrill seekers from every spectrum still visit the school and grounds today, will you be the next to investigate George Washington Carver High

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