Louisiana Urban Legends – The Fifolet

fifoletI’ve heard a couple of variations of the Fifolet legends, I like the back story on this one!  Louisiana has it’s share of dark history and among tales of ghost, vampires and Voo Doo there are also pirates!

The most notorious, Jean LaFitte, has a footprint in Louisana history; and of course there are tales of buried treasure!  Legend has it that when LaFitte would bury his treasures, he would kill a crewman and bury his body along with his loot.  The crewman was then bound to vengefully guard the treasure for eternity.  The spirit of the murdered crewman would then arise as a Fifolet.  Accounts from those having encountered the being, describe the Fifolet as a glowing orb, typically light blue in hue.

There is a tale of two railway workers having encountered the Fifolet near Lake Ponchartrain.   They were awoken by a soft glowing light as it moved through the trees surrounding their camp.  The workers, familiar with local legend, grabbed their shovels before pursuing the Fifolet, their minds set heavily on buried treasure.

Suddenly the glowing orb sank into the ground.  The two men rushed to the spot and began digging at the relentless muck beneath their feet.  Suddenly one of the men’s shovel hit something solid.  Eager to find what had made the solid thud, they began to dig with their hands until they did indeed uncover a wooden treasure chest.  Frenzied by the discovery and fueled by greed, one of the men suddenly struck the other in his head with one of the shovels.  With his cohort unconscious, the man began trying to pull the chest from the muck.  The harder the man pulled, the further he sank into the water-logged soil.  Soon he found himself fighting against the swamp, sinking to his death.  His partner, having been awakened by his screams, woke to see the man and the treasure chest sink into the ground.  Fearing that he may suffer the same fate, he fled the scene spending the remainder of the night shivering in fear within his tent.  When daylight came, the man returned to the spot where the treasure, and his partner had sank deep into the ground.  When he arrived, he found that the ground was hardened and appeared undisturbed, other than the two shovels that lay across the spot where the treasure had been discovered.


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