Haunted History – The Sallie House

sally-houseSo, There are tons of haunted houses in the United States, and of course many of them claim to be the most haunted, just like this one.  The Sallie house is located at 508 N Second street in Atchison Kansas.  It was originally constructed in 1867 for the Finney Family.  Now, Michael, Father of the family was a Doctor, he ran his practice on the lower level of the house while his wife, two sons and a daughter lived in the upper level.

So the original story stems from this one event.  One morning a young girl, age 6, was brought in to the Doctor. She was very ill.  After having examined her, the Doctor determined that she was suffering from appendicitis.  She was in dire condition and there was nothing to do but operate because if  the child’s appendix ruptured, she was going to die.

So the Doctor takes the child into the exam room and begins to prepare for surgery.  The little girl sees all of the medical tools and freaks out.  So the Doctor is struggling to put the girl out with either and she of course is fighting him tooth and nail.  He finally, thinks he’s got her knocked out and goes to make his first incision.  Well guess what, she’s not out!  So the kid is screaming because she’s terrified and doesn’t understand what’s going on.  The Doctor is in a bind, he’s fighting the clock and knows if he doesn’t get that appendix out now, she will die.  So he continues on with the surgery with the kid screaming and kicking to fight him off.

sally1Well, Sallie dies on the table, her last conscious thought was that she was being tortured by the Doctor.  Now Sallie is a permanent resident in the house but she’s no longer terrified of the Doctor or the surgery,  In fact she’s quite the little prankster.  But it wasn’t always so.

The Doctor and his family lived in the home until the last of them passed away, then the property was put up for rent.  Several families lived in the home but not many stayed longer than just a few months, at least until the early 90’s.  This is one of the families that actually made reports of attacks they had experienced in the home.

It was the husband that bore the brunt of it.  On several occasions he would be burned or cut.  It was thought that Sallie was still retaliating against the Doctor by attacking the husband.  This family stayed in the home for less than a year. Then, an older woman moved into the house, she seemed to have no issue with the extra tenant.  She stayed in the home for 3 years, until she became too old to care for herself.  After this a young couple with an infant moved into the home and this is when Sallie became really active, but Sallie was no longer alone.

Sallie’s activities were as I said mostly pranks.  For example pictures would be found hanging upside down, lights would dim and brighten on their own, appliances would turn off and on by themselves and one night the couple returns home from an evening out to find all of their kids’ toys arranged in a circle on the nursery floor.  Hardly anything to be terrified of, right?!  Well Sallie was terrified, and it seemed she took to warning the young family of another spirit that had manifested in the home.

clawThis entity had other intentions, it was violent, definitely negative.  Soon after moving in, the husband started experiencing attacks.  Long claw marks would suddenly appear on his torso as a result.  He knew when the attacks were coming, things would always happen to him experiencing a sudden drop in temperature.  There were even occasions when the husband would become possessed by the evil entity.

One evening he was laying on the couch, taking a nap.  So the dude is like, out and then all of the sudden, he sits up, glares at his wife and announces “He is mine” in a voice that definitely wasn’t his.  The wife states that he laid back down and awoke about 20 minutes later with no idea of what had happened.

So, this family starts making reports and the house is investigated several times.  Among those who investigated were a multitude of Paranormal professionals, The Travel Channel, The History Channel, the Discovery Channel and Paramount Pictures who created a made for TV movie based on the Sallie house titled “Heartland Ghost.”  None of the investigators would leave the house empty handed.  It seemed that Sallie was always willing to put on a show!  She’s been recorded, photographed and communicated with via EVP and Ouija board.  But on the flip side, the negative entity made several appearances as well.

It was during one of these investigations when the husband was attacked.  Devices notified the investigators of a drop in temperature, so the cameras all went live and good thing they did too.  They were able to film long scratch marks appearing on the husband’s stomach while equipment monitoring electro-magnetic fields is going off the charts.

As the years have passed, it seems that even more entities have moved in to the house.  More recent events are progressing, families complained of voices inside the walls, flying objects, things disappearing and then turning up in weird places, full bodied apparitions have been seen and photographed.  Not just Sallie, but men and women too.  Several unexplained fires have popped up in the house and then suddenly self extinguished.  The house, other than the spirits that are attached to it, is now vacant.  Current owners are allowing ongoing paranormal investigations to continue.

There is a ton of investigation results and occurrences on this house, we could talk all night about it but instead I’ll let you check it out on your own at thesalliehouse.com.  One of the most intriguing events that I found was on this page.

So, this happened in 1993.  The owners of the house felt sorry for Sallie, it had to be horrible existing in darkness with no affection and no special things of her very own.  They decided to buy a gift for her.  Since Sally had been so fond of their infant, Tony, they bought a boy baby doll for her, wrapped it in colorful paper and sat it in the center of the nursery floor, where Sallie made most of her appearances.

The gift sat untouched for several weeks, or so it seemed.  One afternoon the wife took the baby into the nursery to change a diaper, when she finishes she leaves the room with the baby then realized that she forgot something.  After placing the baby in his play pen she returns to the nursery and realizes that something is different.

She stood at the door for a while trying to figure out what it was, after a minute she gives up and walks to the crib to grab the item she had forgotten, she looks down in the crib and sees the boy baby doll laying there.  It wasn’t there when she was in the room just a few minutes earlier changing the baby’s diaper.  She looks at the gift box and it still seems to be untouched.

She waits until her husband returns home before touching anything, together they investigate the still wrapped package and see that none of the tape had been disturbed.  They then open the wrapping paper and find one flap of the box has been bent back, other than that, nothing else had changed.  Perhaps it had taken Sallie several weeks to retrieve the doll from the package.  Regardless, this seemingly impossible feat happened, and it’s only one of a multitude of recorded events at the Sally House.

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