Author of the Macabre – Ms. Lyn Gibson . . .

aka Adrian in The Adrian Trilogy

Lyn Gibson hails from the deep south where legend and lore run rampant and are all a part of everyday life. Ms. Gibson became a top-selling published horror Author in 2014 with her debut series title “The Adrian Trilogy”. Since then, her blog and fan pages have amassed a following that spans the globe. She is recognized as a Vampire Historian and is rapidly becoming established as a master in the horror genre. As a lover of the paranormal, Lyn harbors an insatiable craving for knowledge of beings which exist just outside of man-kind’s grasp.

She has a unique talent for weaving the macabre into seemingly innocent situations; the result is a level of horror that is not typical of debut authors. The release of “Short & Gory” has been eagerly await-ed by her fan base! The stories within are designed to linger within and haunt the mind of the reader.

In 2011, Lyn penned, “To Be His Soulmate,” followed by the additional volumes of “The Adrian Trilogy,” namely “Adrian’s Fury” and “Adrian’s Legacy.”


Publisher page to purchase The Adrian Trilogy as a 3-Volume Set or separately, “To Be His Soulmate,” “Adrian’s Fury,” and “Adrian’s Legacy.”

My website to purchase: “Short and Gory” and “Wicked Truth.”

DonnaInk Publications Publisher’s Author Lyn Gibson Fan Page

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