Vampire Historian Lyn Gibson Answers Readers Questions

How long have you been writing?

I can remember writing as far back as grade school. I began with poetry. In high school, as you may have guessed, literature was my favorite subject. I enjoyed writing theme papers and short stories, I mostly enjoyed the groans of the teachers as I turned in my assignments. Though my grammar and penmanship were great, every topic assigned me resulted in an awesome blood & gut horror story. I made several attempts to write my first novel up to late 2011 when the concept of the “The Adrian Trilogy” began to form. The first installment, “To Be His Soulmate” was penned through late 2011 and early 2012.

What made you decide to write?

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, it just seems to come naturally to me. I became serious about writing a few years ago. As a lover of the paranormal and the macabre, I have been disappointed with recent book and movie releases. I grew up reading horror masters such as William Peter Blatty and Jay Anson. I believe they created some of the best horror flicks to this very day. Recently, horror movie releases are rated PG-13, Really! I thought to myself, “I can’t be the only person in the world that is waiting for a believable horror story”. A story that anyone could associate with, that is believable and that will make you sleep with the lights on!

What is your day like as a writer—what do you do to get your creative flair stirring?

My day as a writer is just as typical as anyone else’s, it’s the “witching” hours that get my writers’ blood flowing! During the day, I might think about the last few paragraphs that I had written the night before but late at night the story just seems to come together!

What is the name of your title?

The series is, “The Adrian Trilogy,” which includes “To Be His Soulmate,” “Adrian’s Fury,” and “Adrian’s Legacy.” All are currently in print.


What is the backstory of the series?

Adrian is a modern day business woman from Southern Louisiana that was born with a sixth sense. She has had visions and dreams since she was a child. One recurring dream haunts her throughout her life as she is certain that the dream is comprised of remnants of a past life until one day, by fate she is face to face with the man from her dreams. Christian, stunned as he looks into the eyes of his prey, realizes that she is the reincarnation of his long lost mortal love Cassandra. Adrian, subconsciously knows but struggles to admit that her dreams have been validated. Not only is she left with the realization that she is Cassandra but that she is in love with Christian, a vampire. Adrian’s world as she knew it is about to be turned upside down as Christian reveals their past lives together and introduces her to the world as he knows it. The story follows Christian and Adrian in their romance as they struggle to gain the approval of the Vampire Parliament, adjust to a life together as both mortal and vampire and become involved in a bloody war to protect the vampire nation from rogue clans that seek to overthrow the political realm that has governed the Vampire nation for centuries. The story takes us from modern day Louisiana back to the 12th century and forward again with a sequel to be completed early fall of this year to take us into the future of the vampire nation.

How do you develop your characters (fiction)?

I have no control of character development, I close my eyes and they appear. It’s kind of strange, as the character begins to evolve in the storyline so does their personality and even the sense of feeling their “air”.

Where did you get the idea for this publication (for non-fiction)?

I’m a Anne Rice fan. She has mastered the portrayal of the Vampire in my eyes and by basing most of her writings around the New Orleans area it’s just right! There is a fantastic Vampire sub-culture in Southern Louisiana, we all know it, it’s a part of life but it’s not discussed amongst strangers. By writing the Adrian Trilogy, I am acknowledging what we her in Southern Louisiana already know and what everyone else in the world suspects!

What can you tell us about yourself no one else knows?

Not much really, I am an open and frank kind of girl!


Are you finding time to interact with readers?

Absolutely! I’m always hungry for feedback. Those that have read “To be his Soulmate” are constantly checking in to see when the next installment will be available. It’s a great feeling to know that your’ readers are eager for more!

Are you working on a new title?

I’ve already printed, “Short and Gory” independently . . . and have new words in the wings.

Are you attending events?

My publisher introduced me to Spooky Empire in Orlando, Florida and I was immediately hooked. DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. doesn’t attend a lot of HorrorCons annually because they support many genres – so they pick and choose – but I intend to attend as many events as possible!

Do you see international sales for your work?

Already seeing international sales. Vampire lovers are worldwide! Many countries have legends about the Vampire.

Will your title be available in audio format?

We are working on it – the publisher suggests I make the MP3 Voiceovers and then we are well on the way. Stay tuned!

Are you thinking about movie rights?

dpInk: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. has many screenwriter / film-maker associations – so of course! I’m not sure if all Authors are the same, but when I write I am only describing what I see. It’s tragic that we can’t save and print what we see in our minds!

If so, is someone developing your script?

Ms. D. L. Quesinberry (“Q”) has told me she has someone in mind – I’m in a holding pattern.

Is there a little of yourself in Adrian?

There is a lot of me in Adrian however, I think there’s a little of Adrian in everyone!

Is the story-line based off of any real life occurrences?

Though the book is “fiction” there is a lot of truth within it.

Will you continue to write in the horror genre?

Absolutely! Blood, guts, demons and monsters are definitely my forte’!

Publisher page to purchase The Adrian Trilogy as a 3-Volume Set or separately, “To Be His Soulmate,” “Adrian’s Fury,” and “Adrian’s Legacy.”

My website to purchase: “Short and Gory” and “Wicked Truth.”

DonnaInk Publications Publisher’s Author Lyn Gibson Fan Page

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