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700    I’m often asked to describe the characteristics of the vampires from “The Adrian Trilogy.”   “Are they like the vampires from Twilight?” I’m asked.  It typically exhausts the limitations of my self control to choke back the snark and the sarcastic response that is on the tip of my primed tongue, yet I manage to maintain my poise.

OK, so let me start off on a positive note.  The Twilight Saga as a series, is a well written and captivating saga.  Let’s face it, the series drew in multitudes of teenage and young adult readers.  That is a fantastic thing, and typically the beginning of my response!  It seems to soften the blow when I ever so delicately express my opinion of the “Twilight Vampires.”

For all of “The Adrian Trilogy” fans out there, I thought I would share my official position on the Cullen Family…………

For starters, no big shock here folks; here we go . . . Vampires do not sparkle!  Fairies sparkle! The entire concept is like the hairy guy in  speedos; it’s  just WRONG on so many levels! One moment please, I’m shaking that visual out of my head…

Ok, secondly, Edward Cullen is a 113 year old vampire that has the hots for a teenage mortal female.  BZZZZZZ, what was that? Oh, that was the “WRONG” buzzer.  As if a teenage high school girl could intrigue the mind of of a maturing vampire!  A creature of that intellect has no attraction for the “simpler” things.  So, either the concept is unfathomable or Edward Cullen is what we may label as a “special needs” version of the “Nots”-feratu!

And, my last major peeve, Vampires cannot tolerate the sun for any substantial period of time!  Once again, I reflect back on the hairy dude in speedos.  Way WRONG!

Vampire legends vary through the ages and from continent to continent, however the sun is always a constant.  All Vampires are creatures of the night as since their origination they have so been cursed to be.

There are no sparkly, teenage, wanna-be, day-walkers within the Adrian Trilogy Series.   The Trilogy is blended with legend and lore; based in modern times with a sprinkle of history here and there.  Each character has their own back story, making it easy for the reader to associate with them throughout the saga.  The Vampires are blood-lusty and malevolent with a modern twist.  The tale combines romance, violence and the paranormal into a gripping storyline that makes the book hard to put down!

“To Be His Soulmate” (Volume I) and “Adrian’s Fury” (Volume II) are available at DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. ( or for deep pocket discounts (usually $5.00 or more lower than retail). Also, at other fine Internet retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-in-Print, Google Bookstore and etc.  Volume III, the final installment of the Trilogy will be available for Christmas 2014!

All volumes of “The Adrian Trilogy” are for readers age 18 and up.  The series contains Mature content, sex and violence.

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Cover Reveal for “Adrian’s Fury!”

“Adrian’s Fury,” second title in “The Adrian Trilogy” series is published by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. Visit the publisher today for bulk orders and/or to arrange signings / interviews.

Well Trilogy fans, the time has come!  Here is your cover reveal for “Adrian’s Fury,” sequel to, “To be His Soulmate!”

About the Book:

“Adrian’s Fury,is the eagerly awaited sequel of “To be His Soulmate.” “Adrian’s Fury” defines the pace for the series as the main characters, Adrian and Christian, exact their revenge on those that have taken so much from them. Adrian comes into her own in this novel, full of fury and venom, Adrian begins to master her newly acquired abilities as they blend with her mortal born gifts. The novel offers an inside look as her human characteristics give way to a more sinister existence. Adrian represents a new breed of vampire that was born from the blood of an elder, however, she possesses powers and abilities that are far more advanced than any of her kind.


Author Lyn Gibson


Christian and Adrian find themselves at the helm of the vampire revolution as clans divide and clash. This installment of “The Adrian Trilogy,” places the reader deep within Adrian’s thought as she evolves and strategically plots her revenge.

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“Adrian’s Fury” is a fast paced continuation of “To be His Soulmate,” which will draw the reader into a level of bloodlust and revenge that have long since been forgotten.







DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.