The New Orleans Vampire

New Orleans and surrounding areas have been home to the undead for centuries.  Perhaps the oldest and most famous, Jacques de Saint Germain, was one of the first.  Jacques, or who we all know today as Vampire Jack is often sighted near his old home on the corner of Ursuline and Royal in the French Quarter where he lived around 1909.  Jack is said to have walked the earth before Christ and has a left lengthy record of his existence since.  Having held company with many of the elite throughout history such as: Casanova, Madame de Pampadour, Voltaire, King Louis XV, Catherine the Great, Anton Mesmer and many more.  Voltaire, the 18th Century philosopher, described Saint-Germain as “a man who never dies, and who knows everything.”  His most recent publicized appearance was in 1983.  Using the name Richard Chanfray, Jacques confessed his true nature and then subsequently faked his own suicide, disappearing from the publics’ eye once more.  Though Count de Saint Germain is still known to roam the streets of the French Quarter, he is maintaining a much lower profile these days, unless you know where to look.