Meet Christian, Adrian’s Soulmate . . .

christian      Christian is another of the main characters found in “To Be His Soulmate.”  His story sets the entire basis of the trilogy.

Long ago and far away, indeed is the best of beginnings for this character!  Christian, then known as Edward, walked as a mortal during the 12th century.  The entire continent had been at war for several generations just prior to his human birth, but peace would soon find the land.  Edward, the eldest son of the King would inadvertently fulfill the commands of his father by being betrothed to the Princess of their former enemy, but they did not live happily every after as you will soon find out!

As we know, Vampires have roamed the Earth for over 4000 years, all having been inadvertently placed upon the planet by the hands of God, with the exception of those that fell victim of their own wrath.   The original breed of Vampire was said to have originated with Lilith as she bore the offspring of the Nephillim. Edward would now be the first of a new breed due to the fact that his own bloodthirsty actions had been recognized by the Gods above, rendering one Deity to return to Earth and confront him.

Edward having been maddened by grief would defy the Deity by refusing to end his revenge filled and murderous tirade.  In turn, the Deity had become enraged with his obstinacy and cursed him.  Edward would never again walk within the light, his desire for the blood of those that had wronged him would now be his only sustenance.   The Deity cursed him to forever exist, sentencing him to see everyone and everything that he had every loved die and wither away as ashes  into the wind.

Edward continued to hold venom and fury within him, the curse would not deter him from avenging the death of Cassandra.   He became even more bloodthirsty as he scoured every village and every city to destroy those born of the Sur names found on his list. Edward was now further fueled in his spree, he would now feast upon man, woman and child indiscriminately until his appetite for revenge had been sated.

Centuries had passed, Edward, now known as Christian, had come to terms with his sentence and chose to continue his existence in a more peaceful manner.   Known to many during this era as kind and wise, Christian was both confidant and counselor to many Ruler, conqueror and explorer.   He would not only organize others like him, he would come to be known as the Father of the Vampire nation by having formed the Parliament that would rule over their kind.   Though he was pleased with his own accomplishments, there would always remain within him, an emptiness that longed to be filled.   He had held on to the belief that he one day would be reunited with his Cassandra.

One summer, not too long ago, Christian was in council with the Parliament in Grenoble.   During his stay, the now centuries old memories of Cassandra began to fall heavy on his heart.   Try as he may, he could not shake her from his mind.   So distracted was he by her that he would end the conferences and return to his newly acquired plantation estate just outside of New Orleans.

Now completely restored and staffed the old estate shined brightly through the massive oaks that lined the paved drive. Christian had not visited the city since the late 1800′s, he was looking forward to being reacquainted with the old southern charm that had resonated through the area since it’s establishment in the early 1700′s.   As he awoke from his first days sleep in his new estate, she was there with him again, only much more vivid than before.   Christian would become frustrated and excuse himself from the estate as sunset to seek out his first prey since his return.   And this, my friends is where the story of Christian and Adrian begins!   Hang on, it’s going to be a hell of a ride!


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