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flier1Stream me live or tune me in on TUNEIN Satellite Radio, Monday nights! This week I’m hooking you up with a gruesome New Orleans legend and a little something special in celebration of Halloween! My guest this week is my friend Scott Baker, author of several gore ridden trilogies and a whole lot more!

Haunted Louisiana – The Chretien Plantation

So, who doesn’t love to hear the history of an old Louisiana Plantation!  Well, there are a ton of old homesteads in our state, nearly all of them have traumatic pasts which today renders them nothing less than haunted!  Here’s one that I just stumbled across:

chretien1Construction of the Chretien Point Plantation began in 1831 and was complete, in Sunset Louisiana in 1835.  It’s owner Hippolyte Chretien and his wife Felicite moved in upon completion.  Four years later, Hippolyte died of Yellow Fever, his wife stayed on to fun the 3000 acre cotton farm.  She and her 500+ slaves would see the farm grow to 10,000 acres and all was well until October of 1863.  The plantation became a war zone when the Battle of Buzzard’s Prairie erupted, and then later in November, the infamous “Bloody Battle of Bayou Bourbeux” all but consumed the grounds.  *More on this later in the blog!

The main house was used as a hospital during this period, catering mainly to local Confederate Soldiers.  Many lives were saved, and lost on the property, it is said that the spirits of the soldiers which remained on the grounds continue to fight their battle even today.

The boots of soldiers and slaves were not exclusive to having trodden the plantation grounds.  Garrr!  There be pirates in this tale too!  That’s right, none other than Jean Lafitte resided at the main house.  He and Hippolyte were known business associates, but he was not the only Pirate that traded goods with the Chretien dynasty.  One Pirate named Robert (pronounced Ro Bair) met a well deserved fate at the front steps of the main house.  It seems that greed took hold after Hippolyte passed.  Intent on robbing the widow Felicite, he approached the front door, pistol in hand.  Felicite knew his plan exactly!  She opened the front door dangling a diamond choker in front of her.  When Robert reached out to take the choker, Felicite shot him in the head with a pistol of her own that had been tucked within the pleats of her skirts!

Ok, so I told you that to tell you this:  The Chretien Plantation was the model for Tara of “Gone With the Wind” complete with the true story of the Mistress of the house defending herself against an ill-willed invader!

Felicite and her children, along with Robert can still be seen on the grounds to this day.  Felicite goes about her normal routine, overseeing the plantation just as she did in life.  Robert still searches for the Chretien treasures while both Union and Confederate Soldiers re-enact their battles complete with the sounds of marching feet, the smell of gunpowder and the eternal wailing of the injured and dying.

Here’s the extra tidbit that I teased earlier in the blog:  Marland’s  Bridge

marlandsbridge-300x165The bridge is said to be the most haunted place in Lafayette.  It is located beside the Chretien Plantation and was in the midst of both the Battle of Buzzard’s Prairie and most notably the Bloody Battle of Bayou Bourbeux!  Named after a brave Confederate Soldier, a twenty-three-year-old Lieutenant, William Marland of the Second Massachusetts artillery (later honored with the Congressional Medal of Honor for his brave actions that day).

When Union Soldiers advanced, Marland baited them by standing in the center of the bridge, leaving the soldiers under the impression that he was surrendering.  When the Union Soldiers were all on the bridge, Marland and his hidden artillary squad charged the bridge forcing the soldiers to jump.  Those that did not perish from the jump were met by awaiting Confederate soldiers below, only to meet a far worse fate!

Today, on Marland’s Bridge, could encounter glowing orbs, disembodied voices, cold spots and shadowy figures.  One recent investigation by GhostsN Spectors of Breaux Bridge was found to be quite successful.  Here is what they had to report:

“One of our parked vehicles had the head lights and interior lights turned on when all investigators were across the bridge and this phenomena took place at the time we captured an EVP saying ‘get in your truck and leave,’” they claimed on the web site report, along with a recording of the actual EVP. “While walking the area on the anniversary of the battle, an investigator complained of sudden pain in the arm as if she’d been struck with something. After removing a jacket and rolling up a sleeve, a round red mark about the size of a dime was visible. The investigator reported feeling as if she’d been ‘hit’ with something small and it burned like being stabbed with a hot iron. The description of the sensation is similar to that given by gunshot victims. The pain eased after about thirty minutes but the mark lasted a few hours then faded.”

Sounds like a nice place to visit, anyone up for a road trip!?!

Tour the Twisted Mind of Author Lyn Gibson

flier1ARMED RADIO GLOBAL and TUNEIN Satellite Networks presents, Southern Horror Queen; Author Lyn Gibson.

Author and horror enthusiast, Lyn Gibson has joined the ARMED RADIO GLOBAL Network and will be launching her premiere show September 19th at 7:00PM Central time.  Lyn is the author of “The Adrian Trilogy” a top selling vampire series based in Southern Louisiana and her more recent release, “Short & Gory” a compilation of uniquely twisted and macabre short stories.  Lyn is also an avid blogger who shares with her followers, dark tales, horrific urban legends, oh and let’s not forget, Vampire history from around the globe.

“I’m excited to have been given this opportunity” Gibson states.  “We were supposed to launch the premiere show several weeks back but because of the massive flooding event here in Louisiana, we had to postpone for a while in order for me to begin recovering from damages.”

Gibson, shortly after having her home devastated by 83 inches of water, upheld her commitment to the American Cancer Society and attended a benefit in nearby Covington Louisiana.  “Things were definitely screwed up for us here but my husband and I discussed it and decided to uphold our obligations.  Though things were really bad for us at that time, we knew that 6 months from now we would have recovered; we could not say the same for some of these kids.  John worked feverishly to repair damage to the dragster by flood waters and as promised, the “Adrian’s Fury” dragster was present and accounted for at the event!”

“I’m looking forward to launching the show with ARMED RADIO GLOBAL” she said grinning broadly.  “I’m hoping that everything flows smoothly.  On the first episode I think it best to introduce myself, you know, give the listeners some idea of what and who I am.  ARMED RADIO has been promoting the show for a while now, I’m certain that there are folks who will be tuning in just out of curiosity to find out what kind of twisted individual I am!”

Author Lyn Gibson is no stranger to the bizarre and terrifying world that exists just outside of mankind’s grasp.  Her research and writing has intrigued a new generation and resurrected the minds of those who have been numbed by recent horror movie/literature releases. Ms. Gibson thrives on sharing her dark tales, she welcomes followers new and old to tune in this Monday Evening at this link:


Haunted Louisiana – The Old State Capitol Building

statebuilding     Built between 1847-1852 this lovely Gothic styled monument was not exactly welcomed with open arms.  Baton Rouge residents were appalled by the structure as it was not similar to other traditional Southern Louisiana structures.  The building was also immortalized in a negative light by none other than Mark Twain who referred to it as “A little sham of a castle.”

Originally constructed to act as the throne of Louisiana’s Government, the building is now a museum containing both political history and artifacts, but that’s not all it contains.  It is a well known, and documented fact that there are ghosts within the Old State Capitol Building.

One of these ghosts is said to be Pierre Couvillion, a congressman who died at age 47 of a heart attack during the midst of a heated political debate about gambling .  Having unfinished business at the Capitol Building, Couvillion can be seen, heard and sometimes felt walking the hallowed halls.  There is a tale of a security guard making his rounds one evening that was “bumped” into by a unseen passer-by.  The jolt was enough to turn his body.  Couvillion is also blamed for setting off motion detectors inside of the building.  On one account, a female night guard states that detector alarms were going off in sequence starting from the dining room, through the baby’s room and ending at the Governors’ room.  Once the alarms had settled the guard went to investigate, she discovered that the bed in the Governors’ room had been mussed, as if someone had been laying on top of the blankets.

Couvillion is not the only political figure to have perished in the Old State Capital, and perhaps he continues his unfinished debate with Louisiana Governor and United States Senator Huey Long who was assassinated.  Long was shot while tending to political business and died 31 hours later at a medical facility.  Long is said to be guilty of following visitors throughout the building, the smell of cigar smoke is a indication that he is near by.

Along with these two political figures is also the spirit of a woman.  Sarah Morgan can be seen wandering the halls at night as well.  Sarah is a remnant from the Civil War era, one of the few that adored the magnificent castle like structure.  Better known posthumously for her publication “The Civil War Diary of a Southern Woman.”   Sarah wrote of the horrors and tribulations endured by she and her family as the Union soldiers stormed Baton Rouge.  Perhaps, she saw the Capitol building as a safe haven and felt peace within it’s realms as she is noted as a peaceful spirit that can be seen from time to time wandering about or standing in front of one of the upper level windows, peering out onto the grounds.

As if there isn’t enough activity on the upper levels of the building, it is a well known fact that most of the happenings occur in the basement.  Utilized as both a hospital and a jail during the Civil War, a visit to the basement will likely be the most advantageous to ghost hunters.  Many reports have been documented concerning physical contact, evp’s and full bodied specters whilst investigating this area of the building.

Today the Capitol Building (Museum) can be toured, there is even a 12 minute adventure for guests to experience where Sarah Morgan, in 4 D form, tells the history of the building and of those that both lived and died therein.

Urban Legends of Louisiana – The Green Light Bridge

glb1This one is a “not so well known” legend, unless you are a resident of Franklin Parish and in that case, anyone could tell you the tale.  Green light road is found just off LA 15.  One would have no doubt that they have found it, as pavement turns to gravel and dense thickets line the narrow road on either side.  So thick is the overgrowth that sunlight is challenged to filter through.

Just a way down is Green Light Bridge which spans Turkey Creek.  Though the original historic wood framed structure has long since been upgraded, there are some locals that can remember the narrow wooden bridge with no side rails.  Many of these same locals are happy to oblige in sharing the haunted history of this area.

It seems the legend begins with an old church that was constructed in the late 1800’s, just east of the bridge.  Thought the details are sketchy, it is a known fact that someone had been hung in the large tree in front of the church.  Shortly thereafter the church relocated to a more populated area, leaving the old wooden structure to deteriorate as time went by.  During this time, there had been an accident on the bridge, a man was decapitated making the second uncanny death in the same general area.

Years after, a woman driving through the area, wrecked her car into the same tree where the hanging had taken place.  Before she passed away, she testified that she had tried to avoid hitting a man that was walking from the thickets toward the road.  Once her car made impact with the tree, the man disappeared into thin air.

With this, the third untimely death, locals began experiencing frequent paranormal experiences.  Common sightings were of the hanged man, emerging from the tree line, walking toward the road.  Other folks claimed to have seen the decapitated man searching for his head, the eerie green glow of his lantern could be seen bobbing about around and under the bridge.  As if you haven’t guessed, this is how the title “Green Light” Bridge was earned.

Other experiences have been documented in the area.  Residents claim that when crossing the bridge at night, it was not uncommon for vehicles to stall and electronic components fail.  One investigation in 2009 validated that there was a sporadic electromagnetic field present in the area.

So if you’re in the area and decide to visit the “Green Light” Bridge, take the advice of the locals.  If you see a green light, put the pedal to the metal, turn around and get the Hell away from there; unless you are there to visit with the restless souls that haunt a bridge in Franklin Parish.